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i dont know what t write :).

hsn al-attar al-attar
September 02,2011

Awsome service A+++.

September 02,2011

tyvm for honestly sellin me gold=[).

Aaron Lewis
September 01,2011

I have purchased here many times and there is not one doubt in my mind that this is one of the best game-selling websites out there. There is great service, very fast delivery and nice staff working on the live chat; Mary, John and Leo to name a few. I will continue to spend money on this because there is great service and I am very satisified with the service here at guy4game. Thank you for such an amazing experience!.

Caleb S.
August 30,2011

Quick service, great support, fast times! I was hesitant to use it, only did because of a friends recommendation. Absolutely glad I did! This site is absolutely wonderful and 100% legit!.

Ty Porter
August 26,2011

Great website! I got my gold in less then an hour! No more grinding to get what i want!.

Donson Liang
August 24,2011

I wasn't 100% sure at first with this but it is exactly as they say. Very speedy delivery. Would definately use again..

August 24,2011

amazing service i have purchased more than 1b from these guys and every time was fast & convenient Guy4Game is #1 for cheep sales and fastest delivery!!!!! thank you so much, LuckyRollers.

August 21,2011

this site is very good and legit, i do play runescape but be careful, if you want rs gold.. ask if they have any gold in stock before purchasing, if the say yes, knock yourself out and spend :D.

Brook Heron
August 20,2011

Very good service when I finally made it to transfer my money I had my RS gold in 5 min no scam or sumthing.

Remco de Knegt
August 20,2011

Guy4Game.com provided me with fast service at an affordable price. I will definitely be buying from them again. If anyone is doubting the legitimacy of this site, assure you this is 100% legit..

Jay C
August 20,2011

I have never purchased anything for runescape with real money other then membership because I dont trust the internet. I checked alot of reviews and stuff on guy4game and some people have minute issues like they had to wait a day or something (guy4game will actually compensate you if there are any delays). I decided to give them a shot and it was well worth it! I bought 27.5mil for practically nothing and received it within 2 hrs of my purchase via 'Face-to-Face' in-game trade. Quick, easy, and reliable. I highly recommend using this site. I will definitely be using it again..

August 19,2011

Very good, Quick service i have purchased 3 times so far.., all have been great and i am getting ready to buy again!.

jerry shelton
August 18,2011

Very great service i was very pleased..

Chase Phillips
August 18,2011

Awesome. Pure awesome. Fast and accurate. first I was suspicious when I didn't get contacted but it got all sorted out. Great customer service. Surely recommend to ppl and I will also be back!.

August 17,2011

Guy4Game is magnificent. Easy to buy from. Great Prices. Fast delivery. Will definatley buy from again soon. AAA++++++.

August 14,2011

Very good service. Only problem is, my first sale attempted to scam me. Good money quick and easy, thanks..

I play RS
August 11,2011

bought over 2bil pro site, cheepest.

mohamad albaz
August 11,2011

Prefection!! 100% Safe I Trust it. Bought 11Million then 5.5 million very safe..

Awesome One
August 10,2011

I am VERY pleased with the overall service and speed with which my order was conducted. Within a few hours, i was slashing my way through lesser demons with my Saradomin Godsword. If you get confused during the transfer, don't worry, they do all the work for you. You just stand there and get paid..

McJagger asd
August 09,2011