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i was a bit suspicous about this site but the more i got to use this site the easier it was gettting, always great an fast service with guy4game..

Derek Kuchar
August 04,2011

I was pleased it was sooooo fast and easy and the customer support is great!!.

Rusty Shackleford
August 04,2011

Well i bought the 8.8m one, and i was confused at first a lot of anticipation so i asked for some advice on the chat, and they made it happen even quicker, right there and then. This site it brilliant and very customer friendly :). Good luck runescape players.

chainsley bakewell
July 31,2011

i purchased for the first time i got 44mil but havent been contacted yet dunno what im waiting for but hope everything works out!.

Tommy Tyler-Batt
July 29,2011

This website is by far the best, I've only ever dealt with one other but its ridiculous compared to customer service from this website and the speed of delivery. I will definitely recommend this site to all my friends especially with how hassle free they are! Love you guys, Ill keep coming back!.

July 28,2011

Ok, time for a real testimonial. About a week ago I bought gold from this site. The site is legit except for its time tables. I got my gold same day but 6 hours later. The price isn't bad either..

July 26,2011

Great site, Always within 10 miniutes, great to talk to a real person and get info on where the money is currently. 5 stars (:.

July 24,2011

This site is awesome, i ordered about 700m, allways have been delivered in 10 minutes, the amazing thing is, its legit:D.

M Ay
July 23,2011

great service and fast, matthew is the best sales rep available.

a pseudonym
July 22,2011

guys dont buy from this website its a scam , because i buyed 30m i never got them and this website are telling me that they did pay me ! this website its not safe dont buy from them ..

chamiran ibrahim
July 18,2011

hey i dont know how i am going to receive the rs gold i orderd im not sure how this works its my first time.

liam johnson
July 18,2011

This is a great site, fast delivery.

Great Site
July 18,2011

This is the best site i seen ! legit and trust site i liked the fast delivery.

jarahh saleh
July 14,2011

What a great website! there is nothing wrong at all! they are legit and fast too. I was reluctant to try this but i am definitly gonna be using their services again! thee people are friendly too1.

July 13,2011

I think this has to be the best website to buy runescape gold from!!! (Or Powerleveling) The best thing about this is that it accepts prepaid cards unlike those other rs2 gold websites! I would rate this 10/10 and would recommend this website to anyone who is looking for Gold/Gold Farming/Powerlevling for any game!!!.

Tom S
July 13,2011

what a cool that accept cashu.

July 12,2011

This is an excellent gold buying site. Delivery was quick, the live customer support operator was very patient, friendly, and quick to answer any questions, and the prices are exceptional. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a cheap, trustworthy gold buying site. I'll definitely be ordering from these guys again soon..

July 12,2011

One of the best sites i have found so far among one of the only sites that take direct credit card not through paypal :D amazing customer service, great prices, can expect me to come back :).

July 11,2011

Guy4game is one of the best sites ive ever seen They were my go2 site when i got lured or lost my gold i give this site a thumbs up they deliver in 15 minutes all 9 of my orders Thank you guy4game.

Jamie Jamie
July 11,2011

This is the best gold buying site i have every seen 5 stars rating hands down speedy service best customer service and cheap product i love this site.

July 10,2011