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best site ever! spent $100 so far!.

ja ke
May 12,2012

After being scammed out of 100.00 on a previous site, I thought there was no hope... but This is the best rs gold site i've ever been on!!! FAST AND POLITE AND OMG QUICK DELIVERY..

Joshua campbell
May 10,2012

They do great services on power leveling , quests and gold . quickly and cheap :D very happy with the services..

April 29,2012

I've been using Guy4Game for over two years now and not a single complaint. They are simply the best. Best prices and best customer service. I would recommend their services to anyone who is interested..

Master Chief
April 28,2012

Great customer support. Used a coupon code to buy 20m and got it for a great price. Thanks Erick for being so helpful!.

ch c
April 27,2012

Before buying RSGP from here I searched for reviews on this site and saw nothing but good positive stuff. Glad I bought from these guys. Only if they sold bulk items!.

Sullivan Weschester
April 26,2012

I was not to sure about this at first, but i chanced it and i must say im very pleased!! Thank you Stella for you help..

w k
April 21,2012

just order 105m and it was fast!!!!! what made the experience good was the help i got from VINCE i didnt get a chance to rate him but i give him 10 STARS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! THANKS VINCE......

April 19,2012

I honestly love this website, most fastest and cheapest gold ever... bought RS2 gold three times and within minutes i had all of it at once....

April 16,2012

its the best website for gold and powerlvling they helped me so much and its very fast to make quest for rs, and skills lvling,and its so cheap!.

abdullah khuraibt
April 12,2012

This place is amazing, i've bought gold here around 3 times, and every single time they do an amazing job with helping me out and getting me my gold fast. Thanks :).

Calvin Bauer
April 10,2012

I just bought 118.3m, the pesron that helped me was so helpful, i was so happy when i had someone that was kind and really helpfull , thank you snow for being helpfull:).

cristopher rowswell
April 02,2012

This service is absolutely great. I've just purchased 15M, and it took no time at all. I doubted the service at first, but it's great!.

March 31,2012

Order 10m and for 8.96$ and received within 2 mins!! Ill buy more soon.

Dark Dragon
March 21,2012

the service is great, the first time i got gold the transaction took about 10 minutes, the second time i received gold the transaction took less than 5! the live chat is very efficient and the staff is very friendly. i am currently doing power leveling. it seems like it will go just as smoothly as the gold did. These services are great!.

March 11,2012

tanks again for fås delivery like u good :).

Martin Berg
March 07,2012

I ordered the gold and I had to wait 24 hours but when I got it I got the 10% extra because I had to wait over a day. This site is very trustworthy and and cheap..

March 03,2012

Went good and worked perfect =D.

Jake marsahl
February 25,2012

i was very impressed with the service i received, and it was fast too i am a real rs player and being new to this site i found it difficult to trust as there are alot of fake gold sites out there but i thought what the heck.. i decided on buying the gold and was very pleased with the results i am now happy as i know that i can trust at least one of the sites out there.. the service i was previded was fast,efficient and the live chat was good helpful and gave me a few hints on what i should'nt do in the future pick beth for the online chat :D thanks guy4game.

daniel mundy
February 24,2012

Just bought 107.6m for $100usd. Trustable and efficient gold selling website. Thanks for your assistance, Rita. =).

February 24,2012