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USFINE IS HORRIBLE DONT USE THEM OR ANYONE ELSE, the best site around is right here, i have bought from guy4game twice and they are quick and well organized. Their live chat people are awesome and this is my favorite site right here and only site for rs gold :).

Chris Dunno
October 15,2011

I have been using www.guy4game.com for about a year now. I love the fast service, 24/7 service. Really fast, just truly amazing. I hope you guys keep it that way. Thank you for helping me on every order I have had with you guys. I truly appreciate it. I love the workers, They are just so polite, and nice. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..

Danillo Freitas
October 15,2011

This is the single best site I have found! The 24/7 online support is always nice to me! And I love the feeling im a valued customer. Thanks Guy4Game.com for helping me to get on my way to being rich. :).

October 10,2011

I've ordered twice now from this website, 15m and the 1.5m bonus cash. It took less than 15 minutes both times, the live chat was very helpful and the person responded very quickly. I've bought gold from other sites, and this is by far better than any other site that I've used..

Zack Skattie
October 09,2011

Bought 180m plus the The 198m bonus. Got my order in 30-40mins good deal Bra!.

Dc Dc
October 08,2011

i really enjoy these folks they have been very good to me,fast as well.....professional too....

william harris
October 01,2011

This service is the best.. very professional.. i was sceptical about it first but after seeing all the positive comments over Google.. i just had to give it ago! glad i did, Long live Guy4Game.. P.s.. got the gold instantly ! no wait :).

Panda Paws
September 30,2011

Just Bought More Golds, What Can I Say Guy4game.com Is 100% Safe And Fast Service The Best Website For Your Golds The Best..

September 27,2011

Is there anyone on live chat online? i need help :) Thanks.

September 27,2011

Bought 33m rs gold and thought it was gonna be a scam..but i bought and am very glad i did :).

September 25,2011

I was a little nervous about buying gold at first, but after i got it and went to the 24/7 live chat and gave them my order number i probably got my gold in under 5 minutes. GREAT customer support. I would reccomend to anyone willing to buy gold..

September 24,2011

same here thought was gonna get ripped off but went to their facebook page to the 24/7 customer service got my gold in less than 5 minutes staff is great delivery is great everything is wonderful and it is 1100% legit thank you guy4game :P.

September 23,2011

hey just brought gp for runescape was a bit worried i was gonna get ripped but i contacted there 24hr live chat and had my gp within 5 minutes verry happy 100% loegit guys.

September 17,2011

Fast Service And 100% Safe, Recommend Guy4game.com For Gold Truly The Best..

September 16,2011

Amazing service, 5 stars. After placing my order, i opened the 24/7 live chat window, and within 1 minute i was connected to a representative and given the location of the meeting place. All in all, i placed and received my order in under 5 minute. This is truly a professional company, who rightfully prides themselves on customer care. Thank you!.

September 13,2011

Hello, just wanted to say this is by far the best website to purchase anything for your gaming needs. Cheap prices and everyone is nice.

Quinton Sheppard
September 09,2011

any 1 know when i will recive my gold?.

ibrahim ahmad
September 08,2011

hi my name is pur str 0wn3 , i just bought cash for runescape , so where i can find the one who give me the cash , and thx.

ibrahim ahmad
September 08,2011

when will i resive the 11m i might log out soon.

mejren mejren
September 08,2011

Just wanted to let anyone who may be a skeptic as i was at first know that this is 100% legit and speedy as well =P...if your standing around after order as i was not really knowing what to expect just contact a 24hr representative which is really easy to do and they will have the information to get you to your cash as quick as possible. Guy4game.com Rocks!.

shawn scott
September 07,2011