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Guy4game is legit they get your gold to you as fast as they can, but sometimes it may take more than 2 hours for a small order. I've bought 300m off this site and I can say it's legit..

Lance Quewezance
February 23,2013

This site is amazing. It gets you your gold in a timely fashion. Just so you know, I'm not an employee making a fake post. They got me my 200M right away. Keep up the good work, you guys rock!.

Colin Knox
February 17,2013

I thought these guys would take a while look other gold services do, and thought some tricks and/or problems would occur, but no ! I just paid, went to live chat, and in 5 min, had my 22 mil! Love these guys and would buy again any time I needed gold..

Nick Davis
February 02,2013

Some of you are probably thinking ohhh the website writes these but they don't i just bought 22m in total great and fast only thing is don't buy on Sunday or Saturday you wont get it right away. SUPER NICE live chat people going to by again..

Hunter Joesph
January 28,2013

I got my money within the hour and the costumer service was excellent i will buy from guy4game again for sure!.

January 24,2013

I used Guy4Game for my first time over a year ago(December 2011) and today for the first time in months, they still have the same friendly service and are very quick. Even on a Saturday! I will be buying more gold from these guys more often. :).

Sullivan Norman
January 19,2013

Fairly quick, and legit..

Justin T
January 16,2013

Bought 60m of gold from Guy4Game. Was very pleased with the bonus 18m that was given - an excellent service in my opinion! Delivery was swift once the order had been processed, and the live chat was beyond helpful - Thanks a lot Beth. :D.

December 30,2012

I am so 100% satisfied with my purchase of rs coin, The process literally took 5 minutes, I'm a real person and not a representative and i legit asked the 24/7 hotline some simple questions and within moments i recieved the package, I'm very satisfied with the customer service rep that helped me too.

Hank Dougles
December 28,2012

I use this site all the time. It's very fast and has decent prices. Some may say its expensive compared to the others, but others are scams. I've tried them all. This is the only one that i can trust now. It's easy, quick and trustable (:.

December 26,2012

The process was quick, and easy, couldn't be happier with the outcome!.

William O'Brien
December 26,2012

the delivery can be made within an hour just go to the technical support and ask for it.

jayson allred
December 22,2012

thanks again :D this is my 3rd transaction that went PERFECT !!!!!.

gir darksoul
December 20,2012

How long does delivery take?.

t hutch
December 19,2012

i would just like to say that it would be nice to know how long it will take for my rs gold to be added t omy account..

bradley gould
December 15,2012

I also had to verify my credit card with picture Via e-mail, saw someone else post this on testimonials.. Took a little longer than my last purchase but i still got what I ordered and the staff is always very patient and helpfull. I bellieve they are doing the picture as a safegaurd of sorts. I only have been charged for what i Purchased. If anything goes wrong I will repost but i still give guy4game 5stars * * * * * (P.S. thanks for not spam adverts in game, one big reason I deal with you Guy4game) Thanks Asleepy!.

December 10,2012

With very kind staff, fast delivery, and lots of merchandise always in stock, why would you want to buy elsewhere? I've been going through guy4game for awhile now, and I've never had a problem. If you could ever use some extra gold, this is the place to get it! Legitimate Business, with very fair prices. Even gave me discount once for being a loyal customer!.

November 29,2012

Very fast... I have used other sites to obtain gold, none faster than this site! I got my order right after confirmation! Big Vouch for Guy4game.com!.

November 17,2012

there are too many sites some are fast some are cheap some are trustfull and safe but none has all 3 togather else guy4game.

one side love
August 05,2012


Addam Ali
August 03,2012