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Wow, Bought 30 million gold farming, got the extra 20%, Finished three days earlier than expected!! The daily emails were very useful telling me how much had been made each day. Will definitely buy from here again..

Tom Mitchell
November 25,2010

Guy4Game is the best website i have ever come across, i have ordered from many websites But Guy4Game is the Fastest and safest website to buy gold on especially for rs, Also he customer service is amazing i hope they lower the prices a little bit though then i will be number one on the internet..

November 17,2010

Prompt and timely service with gold delivered to account over 10 times in an accurate and fast manner, customer service is also at its best of a kind for such service. I give Guy4Game five stars, do you?!.

420 Weeds
November 07,2010

Great service and fast delivery. Overall a very trustworthy and fast delivery. Will definately buy again..

November 01,2010

Guy4game is fantastic! Ordered 60m gold for my runescape account. Did it extremely quick and under the estimated finish time! Will definitely use again!.

October 28,2010

They Made Over 122m on my account and almost 150m :D using rs2 gold :D thanks guy4game.

Peter Ryan
October 24,2010

I was wary of using RS2 power leveling services at first. But G4G really is a trustworthy and genuine site. Why shop anywhere else with service as reliable as this? Thanks G4G.

October 21,2010

Brilliant workers, do everything as soon as they can its amazing how they do it..

Jack Huckle
October 20,2010

This website is really good! But the it will be better if it is cheaper and they offer 80M gold..

Goh Dya
September 26,2010

I've been shopping around the internet that is not only legit, but can actually DELIVER ON TIME! Guy4Game has delivered my runescape gold within the time range that their website has quoted me. 5mil with 10mil+ required in bank was indeed delivered within 4-8 hours after they sent the email saying they just started working on my account. I've tried other sites, and sure they may deliver eventually, but well past the time they quoted me. I'm going to continue ordering from Guy4Game even though they have higher prices because they have the decency to be honest..

Jonathan Sutton
September 21,2010

G4G RS2 Gold is the best on sale in my opinion, thats why i keep coming back over and over :) Customer service is brilliant and content matches that also, 5/5 G4G keep up the good work.

mark carlton
August 26,2010

Guy4game has been doing a really good in getting me gold for my account for the pass couple of years. They are the only company i would trust to get my gold for me. The customer service is great, with the detail and helping people out..

Joseph nunen
August 20,2010

Runescape gold farming is safe in guy4game....its amazing I ordered a total of 120M+ but I wish they would give more discounts lol :P If they would give like massive discounts, then I won't be able to stop buying alot of runescape cash.....with the new economy in runescape buying 100M is nothing ! Keep up the good work Guy4game! This website cares about you!.

Tenth Fire
August 04,2010

This works 100% its fast its cheap its safe i love it!!.

Dane Buckley
August 02,2010

Great site. Only site I buy gold from now! They even finished my order of 60m gold in a week ahead of time!.

August 01,2010

I have used Guy4Game Sooo many times for rs2. I recently purschased 60m gold farming for $42!! thats the cheapest price i found all around. i wouldnt trust anyone else with my account But Guy4Game..

John O'Toole
August 01,2010


Ali Al nikhi
July 28,2010

Guy4Game is AMAZING! I've bought 5mil from them and currently i've bought 15mil gold farming. People who read this comment, if your struggling to find a safe gold website, you've found the right place!.

Zane Barras
July 25,2010

Yeah its safe to the guy below me, Ive bought over 500 mil of the gold farming services from these guys. Since then I have received around 4 mil xp in the combat skill of my choice for every 100 mil gp farmed. I have never had an offence on my account while using this sites services, also the live chat here is a major plus. I have bought currency for all my other mmo accounts from this site aswell with no problem on any of the services. This is one of the best game currency sites around in my opinion..

July 24,2010

not only safe its Secure!.

ali alhajri
July 24,2010