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November 15,2013

Great great experience. I can't stress how quick everything was. I've dealt with a lot of gold websites and this is the best hands down. Price and delivery time cannot be beat. 132 M in 30 minutes? Can't beat that..

Selso M
November 08,2013

Guy4game is overall an excellent website! Fast and easy service, I've bought here hundreds of times! Cheap and easy! I choose this site out of every site out there..

Brett Corrigan
October 15,2013

although its a very long time waiting sometimes, guy4game still delivers my gold to me. no kidding, i waited for 30hours because of long orders and stuffs. but its not a scam. they will really deliver it to you.

kelvin soh
September 14,2013

I've purchased gold from this company twice now. The first was a sort of test run for around $20 worth of gold just to see if it's legitimate because I was skeptical, and if it didn't work it's not that much money to cry over. After following the instructions provided via chat with one of their employees I received my gold without any problems. The second time was me purchasing $100 worth of gold which I completed about 20 minutes ago. Since I was purchasing was a more considerable amount of gold I did have to wait a bit more (around 30-40 minutes) however I still received all my gold. They have great service and I would definitely recommend it. They're legitimate and really all you need is a little bit of patience and they will make sure your gold (or what ever else you buy) gets to you. :).

Habel Christian
September 06,2013

I absolutely love guy4game.com. They have the best staff and the best prices on gold. They make me feel as if I was part of their family. :D I have never been unsatisfied with any purchase and I will always come to them for any of my online gaming needs. Thanks for being such a good company and group of people! -Tyler.

Tyler Mitchell
September 01,2013

This site is amazing i just bought my gold and not even twenty min later i recieved it!!!! this site is amazing if ur debating it dont !!!! just use it!!!!!.

chavis martinez
August 29,2013

anyone having problems with live chat use internet explorer i was having issues till i used that then smooth sailing :) thanks.

Tweakero012 buchanan
August 21,2013

I just bought some gold through here today and I received it very quickly! very impressed!.

Josh Foster
August 13,2013

I've ordered gold from here a couple of times, and each time I did, they were out of stock for the amount ordered. After a few hours of patiently waiting, though, the gold was back in stock and was promptly delivered thereafter. Good site, decent, trustworthy service. Thanks, Guy4Game..

B Crutch
July 31,2013

I'm not a freaking worker FYI. I was nervous and lost sleep a bit because my gp was delayed for a day. The 24/7 live responded fast and told me that stock was empty because of update and probably because its the weekend. But finally after the wait they emailed me. They told me to meet and g.e and wait for the delivery, i waited for about 10mins and finally got my 22m plus 1m free because of the long wait. The supplier is a noob looking toon. Thank jeeeezus this place didn't scam me only a heartache because first time buying gold xD. If anyone has a question email me ordinarypass@yahoo.

euclid swole
July 28,2013

Soo at first I was very worried I thought I got ripped because live chat wasn't working and emails wasn't working so I kind of started freaking out until I finally tried live chat one more time and it worked! connected me with Dora and she talked me through it all! Thanks I will most likely come back! very legit.

Jeff urena
July 25,2013

Hey everyone, I just want to leave a testimonial here saying that this site is 100% legit, I have bought a few hundred mill from them and they deliver it very fast! I had to wait an hour once, but they where very kind about it and it was a large sum of cash I was buying, so I was fine with it. But what really makes this site so great, is their customer service. They help you with everything and actually understand you! (unlike most sites that have people that can barely speak English". They never leave you either and answer all your questions like your talking to a real person face to face. And just a kicker, because this confused me a bit, as soon as you place your order go into the customer service chat and tell them you placed an order, they will verify it and tell you what world to go to and where to meet, simple as that..

random nerdlikeyou
July 20,2013

I bought 60M with a 6M bonus, and I got my gold in about 20 minutes. I swear I'm not affiliated with this site at all, and I admit i could have gotten cheaper gold, but reviews told me that this site was trustworthy. Panda, talked to me the entire time until I received my cash. If you are confused about the delivery, try the 24/7 Instant messaging they have, it's what I did :D.

Isaac Crumley
July 19,2013

I've done a number of transactions, Bella is a sweetheart and so are the rest of the gang. Always extremely helpful, and very quick ^.^..

July 09,2013

Perfect service. LiveChat with Jeff (i think) was awesome and he helped a lot. Legit! No joke. I would never take my time to write this if it weren't for the awesome service. You guys nailed it. Definitely using you again soon..

Andrew W. V.
July 05,2013

I honestly can say that I have gotten good service from a couple of workers. It took a day for my gold to come but it worked, one of the workers was even sorry for the long wait so they added 1m extra into my gold. I was really pleased and I will buy from here again..

Joanna Fernandez
June 26,2013

how did can i receive the money i command ?.

Dany Leblanc
June 19,2013

Alright, so I've bought loads of gold from this site, and I can say the site is amazing. Friendly service, timely delivery, and competitively priced. I love this site..

Larry Read
June 12,2013

ive been using guy, for a really long time, if anyone is needing reviews to read, theyre legit, they have done a lot for me in the past, and its been done 100% perfectly each time, quests, gp, power lv, all is done super fast and efficiently, best around guys.. legit.

June 04,2013