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Yeah its safe to the guy below me, Ive bought over 500 mil of the gold farming services from these guys. Since then I have received around 4 mil xp in the combat skill of my choice for every 100 mil gp farmed. I have never had an offence on my account while using this sites services, also the live chat here is a major plus. I have bought currency for all my other mmo accounts from this site aswell with no problem on any of the services. This is one of the best game currency sites around in my opinion..

July 24,2010

not only safe its Secure!.

ali alhajri
July 24,2010

safe? more than it This Is Secure..

ali alhajri
July 24,2010

is this really safe?.

July 21,2010


Ali (Q8) .
July 15,2010

this is the BEST website ever, and i mean it,. like wow omg :] very trustful and even better agents to talk to :).

amjad ismael
July 15,2010

The best trusted website ever i seen , even finish on the excatly time. TRUSTED - Vouch for www.guy4game.com and tell all your friends about it..

ali alhajri
July 14,2010

4 Words...Best Runescape Gold Site...!!1 and Ftw Assists.

bader bader
July 14,2010

All i can say is: BEST WEBSITE FOR GOLD.

Salim Daccache
July 07,2010

This site is 100% trustable. Un believable service and price. No blackmarks on account and it's lookin sexy!! No other site Was, is, or ever will be better than this site. So iv u think this site is a ripp off scam then u just got microached cause ur dead rong. Now read this comment over and over again so u digg in ur pocket and pull out that MasterCard and get some rs gold cause they're practically giving money away!! I have typed!!.

Bob Duke
June 29,2010

This is AWESOME. I've never had an issue :) Guy4game.com is the Best!.

Alec Ravenstahl
June 22,2010

Guy4game is the best online rs gold money site with quick delivery and excellent support information :) x.

Ben Jones
June 14,2010

im always trusting guy4game!.

jesus curbeira
June 10,2010

great site, trustable..

June 10,2010

best site veyer.

jauny jauny
June 04,2010

i thought this website was a scam but then i was wrong bought 88m on my 100 account this works perfectly better than gold4rs =).

juany juany
June 04,2010


May 31,2010

Saw a few people post some illiterate comments when I first saw this site, was sorta tedious, but now I've bought well over 300m on my turmoil Zerk, a firecape on my level 60 pure and 33m on it, lookin sweet :).

May 23,2010

very very good service! there is none else.

May 16,2010

first, i thought they would scam... not the case, best customer service/delivery out there..

Mo haji
May 13,2010