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Great service over all, I made a mistake they gave me a full refund Beth was extremely helpful so much so that I decided to come back after refund and make another purchase. If you're having trouble with the Customer Service or Online supt then the prob is you not Guy4Game. Thanks again Ladies & Gents. I will be back when GW2 Lunches :D.

March 24,2012

Thanks alot guys! This is like the 5th time I've ordered gold and powerleveling for Rift here. Each and every time I was extremely pleased with the service and the speed. If you are wondering weather this is a legit site, it is!.

John Nickleson
March 04,2012

i spent over 200 dollors on this site its very very legit, got my powerlevel services and gold within time they said and if they out of stock for gold they give me bonus:) ill buy from this site forever.

anonymous anonymous
March 02,2012

Extremely fast delievery, very friendly and helpful customer service. Longest time I had to wait for an order was about an hour or 2. Guy4game is the way to go :).

February 29,2012

it was amazing service. when i didn't know how long to go they told me straight away. this is the best service i have ever had i would rate it 5 stars because it was that good..

Bryn Owen-Conway
February 25,2012

Fantastic support, although platinum (Rift) was not available straight away on my server, they immediately started farming and got the platinum in 50 minutes time. Email confirmation and receipt were all provided. DEFINITELY recommend this service..

Sam Wesley
February 15,2012

Only place i ever buy maple story mesos and it's really cheap. Great service :D.

January 29,2012

This is the best company I have every used. Quality service and exceptional people skills. Delivery within minutes and they always tell you if they have stock or not. Definitely a repeat customer! Thanks Guy4Game!.

Happy Customer
January 23,2012

I have been using Guy4Game off and on for a couple years now in WoW, Eve and now Star wars, just today i made two large orders and they were delivered in under 30 minutes. This is the ONLY company I trust. I have had only one issue ever where a GM in Eve Online took my in game money from me and Guy4Game actually reimbursed me for it. Great company..

January 11,2012

bought swtor credits got 80 in less then 1 hour talked to linda cause i was a bit worried of scams but she stayed in chat till i got it.

russell collins
January 05,2012

I am extremely happy with this place. This is the very first MMO that I have ever played and have heard stories of people being scammed on other games. I took the time to compare places and not only does this place have the best pricing for SWTOR credits, their customer service is amazing. Ann stayed in chat with me until the order was processed. I was told to expect the in-game email in about an hour but in less than 20 minutes, i got what i paid for. I will definitely come back and place a bigger order now. Rest assured people, this place is legit 100%.

January 05,2012

Ordered game currency in maple story. Took 11 days to get it, but customer service was excellent and I got some bonus currency for the delay..

December 23,2011

Fantastic service just waiting on Gold but looking forward to coming back for more services in the future and have recommend to friend :D.

Blaine MacIntyre
November 21,2011

They rock, i heard about them on a website. They are really quick. I bought 2oo plat for rift twice and had both orders in under 15 min.

scaredandbaked ganja
November 10,2011

I ordered some Rift US Gold from them and I was given the full amount in less than 15 minutes!! Fastest and friendliest service I have ever received online. Thank you Guy4Game! I love you...more than a friend. ;).

October 27,2011

I had an excellent experience with this site until my account got a 1 week suspension the very same day. Guy4Game is fast, the customer support is friendly, and the prices for EQ2 plat are about as low as I could find on any site. I liked that they were a North American company which is why I chose their service. Their standard policy is to mail EQ2 plat, but I asked to meet someone face to face for increased security which they immediately obliged. I got my plat in about 3 hours, and appreciated the bonus plat they put on every order. The GM who banned me said I'd met with a known launderer, and then I suddenly had 500 plat in my account which is how they determined I'd used a plat service. Maybe I should've gone with the mail option afterall, but either way this is still a dependable and friendly site to buy from. Just buyer beware!.

October 05,2011

Very impressed with response time for orders...24 hours or less every time..

September 09,2011

Guy4Game is duhh best ;).

Freddy Vuong
August 22,2011

Literally 150p in my mailbox for Rift Plat (US server) in a matter of about 15 minutes. Second time I've used them. They are always super fast. LOVE them!.

Joel Dycus
August 04,2011

Purchased gold, within 20 minutes I had it on my person. Amazing service, will return for more later :) highly recommended! :D.

July 31,2011