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great service, by the way.. thanks again, for the great service.

Jennah Clark
March 16,2009

The full 12 hours can be done all at once starting at 11 would be great, I need to get some sleep ;-).??Thank you for your convenience and friendly support and I always enjoy the powerleveling your company provides. Have a nice day..

Joshua Cortez
March 16,2009

5mins from payment to delivery, that's awesome. I thanks you all once again.

Timothy Crockett
March 16,2009

Im surprised that this chat service is always so on the ball you guys rock..

Trevor Skinner
March 07,2009

you guys have been amazing, i would like to thank your talented and polite staff. I know people who have used other sites to order gold or even get power leveling services. There experiences have paled into comparison with what you guys offer. Since you guys have 24 online chat and fair prices i would never order or use anyone else's service's even if there prices were considerably lower. I would also like to individually thank your talent efficient, and polite online support staff everyone i've talked to has been really helpful, some names that come to mind are wendy and abby. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!!!!!.

roy skidmore
March 03,2009

whoever organized your site, did a very nice job.

James Smith
February 09,2009

thank u so much for getting the order done. you guys are the only ones that were able to do it, i have tried SEVERAL other vendors without success & almost gave up, but you came through, awsome job & great service..

gabriel Ramos
February 01,2009

i would like to commend your company for having on line communication readily available to customers.? ?thank you.....

russell christian
January 26,2009

You guys did a fantastic job at a great price!!! I will most certainly use you guys again in the future for all my online gameing needs. Great job and thank you!.

Troy Corness
January 15,2009

Guy4Game is a great company. They are one of the few suppliers to proudly display a toll free number and what’s more it is staffed by a friendly English speaking Canadian staff. Their online staff answers chat requests in under a minute and are both friendly and productive. In short their customer service is superb..

Liming Chirita
January 13,2009

Merry Christmas! Your always curtious, and very quick to deliver. Definately the best customer service, and sales representation, by far..

Jason Rosales
December 25,2008

i would like to thank the person responsible for sending me my christmas card from guy4game, i think it was "George"..

Shelley Romero
December 23,2008

Yes i am very satisfied with your powerleveling service, i think this is the start to a beautiful friendship lol.

Marina roha
December 23,2008

I am regular costumer at guy4game, and iam always amazed over the superfriendly and reliable service through livechat and ingame! Personality does the trick, promise. Never felt like talking to a BOT. Merry christmas to u all!.

Henry Shearin
December 11,2008

Awesome webpage, very professional..

Eric seguin
October 23,2008

its a really nice service youre offering here.

Robert Scears
October 08,2008

In conclusion, I could say a lot more about this company, but everything I have to say about you is good. Guy4Game.com is a very solid company and if you choose to use them to buy gold or powerlevel, I believe you will be very pleased with them. I have had next to no complaints about Guy4Game from anyone that has used them..

steven Chau
September 10,2008

Also, I wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate your service, I won a BC cd key from you guys over the holidays, this is why i continue to use you. You have really low prices on everything, and you hold awesome contests..

taylor savoy
July 18,2008

When I previously bought LotRO gold (from a different seller) I had to wait nearly a week and endure numerous brokenpromises that it would be delivered soon.When I ordered from guy4game, I got an email saying they were out of stock but would have the gold to me in 12-24 hours. About 8 hours later, I had it. I highly recommend them..

Danny combs
July 17,2008

You guys are fantastic. Always fast service, no problems and there's always someone around to answer any questions I have. Love your site!.

Joey sequino
July 08,2008