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As someone who's new to mmo's. I didn't know much about gold selling websites and the insane amount of bots advertising in-game on Archeage kinda makes them seem scamish. I needed gold and decided I'd "test the waters" and hope I don't get scammed out of my money. I was worried for nothing. Gold was delivered about 15 minutes after placing the order. Very happy would recommend to friends. Cheap too so that's a plus..

October 28,2014

I actually thought this site wasn't going to work and I was going to be scammed like other sites but Guy4game.com comes through! Will definitely buy from them again in the future..

October 25,2014

This is by far the best MMO service you will likely to find. I've been buying from them for a long time now and have never encountered any problems across several games. Sometimes it can take a little longer to get your currency due to low supply, but that's understandable. It really feels like G4G has its own suppliers compared to a lot of the other competitors, who seem to always have the same accounts for sale as far as World of Warcraft is concerned. If you still have any doubts, buy something small and test it out for yourself. P.S. You may need to do a phone verification when you buy for the first time (or the total amount is greater than a certain point). If it is your first time buying, contact the online support and they will guide you through the verification process..

October 17,2014

fast, discreet, awesome bargain, incredibly polite and helpful ... i love these guys! been using their services for over a year & will always keep coming back. thank you Guy4Game!.

October 15,2014

I used this site many times and cant express on how pleased I am with their service their very reliable very trustworthy had one issue in the beginning talked to live chat and as soon as I got off the problem was solved. ive been back many times before. wish I had more money to do more lol...GRATE JOB..

October 05,2014

Great Service, Always helpful live chat staff and honest about the time it will take to your gold..

Nathaniel Field
October 02,2014

Have bought gold from these guys and have never had issues with them. I play Wow,Rift, Archeage, Aion and many other games but I always use guy4game. I love these guys----they will do their best to help you out and also give the best prices on gold. I have bought for many years and I always return to order more. They are very trustworthy and will work with you as to getting you the gold. I also recommend guy4game to many others who ask..

Martin Clearman
September 26,2014

First ever order on this website , was skeptical at first but i had the customer support user [PANDA] very freindly and calm through the order had a few issues at start but got them resolved and what i needed from the order i would recommend this website to anyone it is legit as it can get . Thank you to Panda for the awesome support.

September 22,2014

Ordered 1 million swtor credits. At first very nervous about the whole process. Guy4game delivered in 20 minutes. Safe. Secure. Smooth. Couldnt have asked for better. Did not get banned. This is a legit site..

Michael Green
July 16,2014

Ordered 1 million swtor credits. At first very nervous about the whole process. Guy4game delivered in 20 minutes. Safe. Secure. Smooth. Couldnt have asked for better. Did not get banned. This is a legit site..

Michael Green
July 16,2014

I am in agreement with pretty much everything that you mentioned entirely! Excellent website!.

Smithb128 Smithb128
June 29,2014

I have bought gold and items from guy4game about six times now. I have never had a problem with any of the transactions. Only site that I trust. Will continue to do business with them. Highly recommend..

June 18,2014

I have been using Guy4Game frequently since I discovered it and have found them to be THE most reliable source for in-game currency--specifically Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have recomended them to several friends and will continue to do so. They are fast, reliable, and offer the most discreet delivery I've encountered. In addition, their customer service does a bang-up job of answering questions in a fast and professional manner. Thanks, Guy4Game!.

J'ran Kai
May 22,2014

I was very skeptical at first and while waiting to get my GW2 gold. Although it took a bit longer than the 24 hour deadline, they gave me extra gold for the inconvenience. I will definitely buy from them again knowing this is a legit site..

May 21,2014

They came through, took longer than i would have hoped (31hours) but patience is a virtue right. Thanks for your help will most likely be back. It's LEGIT and that's what matters the most..

satisfied customer
May 03,2014

I have been using Guy4Game now for about 3 years, from WOW gold to my current game Elder Scrolls Online, have never had any problems :) they deliver on time and are always very helpful! The chat team is alwats on and ready to help..

Laina Gonzalez
April 29,2014

This was my 3rd purchase from GuyforGame - two of those were for 10million worth of gold - and I got my BEFORE the 24 hour deadline. I will be using them for a fourth time! Wonderful, honest company!.

Phrost Byte
April 18,2014

(SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic) *Credits* These people are the best in the world! Guy4Game are the nicest people I've have ever met in a game website! I was afraid this site was gonna steal your money blah blah blah but I gave it a try and my credits came in a day! :D I was so happy! I know some people wanted their stuff in like 15mins but I'm good at waiting for the things I want! Anyway this is the only site I will ever use now! I've told my friends and sister about this site! I liked the on FB to! I hope they will do (Lotro - Lord of the Rings Online *Gold*) That would be awesome! These are the safest guys to they know what their doing and I haven't gotten banned once! Love you guys! No homo :P.

Peter Ellis
March 26,2014

Was a little scared at first but I have been buying gold from here for the last 2 years wouldn't go anywhere else..

February 20,2014

was dubious at first. but found delivery was equally as good as the appearance of the site. awesome!! I will never shop anywhere else now..

john 123
February 10,2014