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The D3 gear build is an amazing concept. I received 18 items for me and the follower and a grinding map for improving my rare drops. You cannot buy these items yourself on the auction house for the price you pay. Looking forward to the other inferno acts being added. Thanks again.

D3 player
July 27,2012

Usually pretty fast and never had any problems..

July 16,2012

Ive been buying from this company for over 7 months now and I've never had any problems with recieving my product in a timely fashion. The customer service is excellent on every level and the deliveries are fast and accurate. Thank you Guy4Game for making my gaming experience that more enjoyable. :D.

Adam Perrin
July 11,2012

legit! diablo 3 gold! very friendly and accomodating live chat. I have been buying for 3 days straight now. Will definitely recommend!.

July 07,2012

definitely legit! ordered from them 3 days straight! need to stop myself! diablo 3 gold! :).

July 06,2012

Fast easy and professional. These guys are the real deal. Customer service is great, prices are great, and the product is great. This is the only site I trust to give me fast and cheap gold..

July 02,2012

Fast, Easy, Cheap, only 20 min Delivery... not bad :-P.

Taylor Marion
June 18,2012

Spoke to "Sherry" on the online chat and she was wonderful!! Nice person and very profession and infomative. I enjoyed the concersation and personal service...these guys are great! Order from them!!!!!.

June 17,2012

I ordered from another company last Tuesday (it's now Sunday), and haven't gotten anything at all from them. I ordered from Guy4Game.com about 2 hours ago, and got my gold a little while ago. These guys are great, and reasonably priced. Sure, I paid a tiny amount more ($4 or $5 more), but I actually RECEIVED what I paid for, and in a very short period of time. Highly recommended. Thank you so much guys..

Satisfied Guy
June 17,2012

Awesome and fast fast....thanks!.

June 17,2012

Bought Diablo 3 gold and was delivered within 30 mins. No hassles and complications. Recommended..

xv xv
June 16,2012


Ching Chong
June 08,2012

I have used this service a few times for SWTOR credits. They always meet their delivery times, and service is great! I've tried other sites, but they never delivered on time. Guy4Game is the ONLY site I'll ever use again!.

Larry R.
June 02,2012

D3 gold, i waited for a whole 3 mins before i got it, thx, i recommend you to all my D3 friends...

June 01,2012

i honestly was scared to do this at first but now this is the site I'm going to get my gold from for every game they were quick and easy.

June 01,2012

Ive gotten Diablo 3 gold recently and WoW gold in the past, very reliable. I feel pretty safe going through guy4game for my gold. Trustworthy for sure..

May 23,2012

Always loved using Guy4Game for everything from Leveling to Raiding, getting achievements, items and even gold. I've been a long time user of Guy4Game and they did a GREAT! job every time. Always will send my mates here to get little nic naks. Great Job Keep it up.

Rob Arends
April 24,2012

I was very skeptical about ordering SWTOR Credits from this website. But a friend had directed me here and said that he had not been scammed and had received his SWTOR credits minutes after he ordered and paid. So I went ahead and ordered 5,000,000 credits for the guild bank. And to my surprise, received credits. They didn't have enough for the full 5 mill at once, so was divided up into 4 mill then another 1 mill afterwards. I had an issue with the last 1 mill not coming through for 24 hours, contacted the GUY4GAME customer support and received prompt and very helpful service from them. A day later the extra 1 mill showed up - I put this down to a flaw/fault in the SWTOR mail system NOT GUY4GAME as the send date was correct. I highly recommend this website and its service and support to anyone. Especially those who are fearful like i was, of the hundreds and thousands of random sites out there that can and WILL scam you and not receive anything for your RL money. 10/10.

April 17,2012

I want to say thanks for the quick turnaround on the gold I purchased. This site was great. I used the live chat before I ordered and the operator was great. They let me know that the server that I was playing on was low on gold but it should only take 6-18 hours to get 3 million gold. Wow it took like 1-2 hours. Will buy from this site again..

Michael Kelly
April 17,2012

Purchased Credits for SWTOR and I received them quite fast (lest then an hour). I was a little nervous as I had never purchased in-game money online before, and I was greatly surprised at the quality of service. I would definitely purchase from Guy4Game again..

March 29,2012