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G4G happens to be a great site with great customer service, so friendly and understanding, their worth the time and money.

February 07,2014

I have used this service 10+ times. Always had my gold within 24 hrs. I feel I can actually trust a gold selling site for once..

Chris G
January 22,2014

I was skeptical at first, but guy4game has always delivered my gold in respectable time. I haven't had one order go wrong with them. They will always get my business in the future..

Chuck Norris
January 15,2014

Recieved my gold! Took less than a day! Thank you!.

Dave yudin
December 30,2013

Just got in contact with a representative. Took a while, but I got an ETA on my order. Hoping they are true to their word..

Dave J
December 29,2013

I decided to give this a try, and ordered a few million credits for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I received my credits much faster than I expected. I'm very satisfied, and I highly recommend this service. I'll definitely be buying from guy4game again..

November 28,2013

best service with power leveling been here many times. wished they have better discount for regular customers..

November 20,2013

There is apparently a shortage of rift plat (from every retailer) so large orders may take a while but G4G is 100% reliable and legit. I have ordered from them I believe 6 times now and have never had a problem that they didn't take care of quickly & courteously. Highly recommended..

November 13,2013

pleasant transaction,currency amount was over purchase by 5%(after a coupon of 5% as well).very professional..

November 13,2013

I've used a number of gaming services over the years and and up till now I've never really found one that I find myself going back to, however I've bought both World of Warcraft gold and Guild Wars 2 gold from Guy4Game a number of times and while they may not be the fastest service in the world, I've found they are the safest, most trustworthy and they get the job done every time! Their support is top notch and it's tough to compete with their prices. I'd highly recommend Guy4Game, many thanks to them and the quality services they provide! - Sam..

Sam Owen
October 11,2013

you guys are AWESOME!!!!! you made my night. Fast and great customer service! TY Mickey for helping me out!.

September 27,2013

Okay, I'm impressed. They sent an email telling me they would refund my money... and they DID refund my money. Perhaps not a scam after all. I did recommend they put up a statement that says they are not able to provide credits for SWTOR at this time rather than having customers go through this whole process of trying to get their money back. Overall: Impressed with the honesty of not being able to provide the credits for SWTOR and the customer service response time in refunding my money. Well done in that regard. Please update your website to only show options to purchase that are actually available to purchase. Thanks.

Very Concerned
September 12,2013

I ordered a simple credit purchase for SWTOR. After 12 hours I had not received my credits. So I sent an email stating that I was still not in possession of my credits. I was informed that they were "out of stock" and were not able to provide, but that when they did get the "in stock" they would give them to me. Given that new information, I promptly requested a refund of my money... cause I believe that if I can't have my credits, well then they can't have my money. They told me that it would take 7 business days for the money to be posted back to my card.... this is day one. After this incident I decided to do a more "thorough" search for "guy4game.com" and see what the negative reviews said... basically my thoughts are that this is a scam website. But we shall see. If I get my money back ($36), then perhaps they are not thieves. But I am quite skeptical right now. We shall see..

Very Concerned
September 12,2013

I have made several orders through Guy4Game for credits purchase and I have always received the exact amount within just a few hours. This is not a foreign based company and has very helpful representatives who are great with assisting you through your purchase and delivery. One time, low cost, reliable - not much more you can ask for!.

Doug Mangin
September 06,2013

Was a bit worried about making my purchase but I received it in under an hour!.

July 29,2013

I purchased a mount from Guy4game (Vial of the Sands) last night. The live chat was very nice, spoke fluent English and provided me with the answers I was looking for. I was invited to a group and retrieved the item in-game within the hour. Amazing service, won't hesitate to buy from you guys again. Recommend to anyone who is browsing the site at the moment. Thanks, Guy4game..

Saurfang Varok
June 23,2013

The order the ordering process was pretty simple. I ordered what I needed, then received the email within a few minutes and waited in-game for the requested service, although it took some time my request was fulfilled and I'm happy with my purchase. I will gladly be doing business again with this company again in the future..

smith robins
June 18,2013

Was concerned about my order at first, but in the end everything turned out better than I expected. Beth was amazing and followed through the entire process with me. Guy4game even awarded me extra gold for having to wait a little longer than usual. Wonderful customer service. Thanks again to Beth, you're the best!.

June 02,2013

Great service! Just like everyone, I was worried at first if when or how I would get the money or if its real or scam. But I started out with just using small amount of real money to see if it works. And yes it did. I was worried about it but I got the gold in less than 30 minutes. Great service and cheap! I will definitely buy again... Trustworthy website and people!.

Fue Lee
April 02,2013

I have used this site for GW2 gold a couple of times and it was great. Fast delivered:).

March 28,2013