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Hunter Moffitt
March 26,2013

Can I just say wow, I am probably the biggest skeptic when it comes to these type of sites the thing that got me was the 24x7 support. So I went with it and stuffed up and made a double purchase somehow and quickly sent an email a response came immediately saying they have declined and returned the funds back to me no questions asked. The gold which was a large amount came within 7 hours mind you im from australia so when I made my purchase everyone was in sleepy land over there. I recieved an email within 7 hours saying it had arrived! Very pleased with the professionalism from this site. This is a must if you are looking for whatever it is you need!.

ryan gall
March 25,2013

WOW! Ordered 5 WoW mounts from guy4game! (Rusted Proto-Drake, Bloodbathed Vanquisher, Twilight Drake, Black Drake, and Bronze Drake) They got them all for me in 2 weeks! Great communication, and I love their chat support! Helpful, friendly, TOTALLY TRUSTWORTHY! I will go no where else but to guy4game for all my WoW needs! :D Thank you SO MUCH guy4game! *BIG HUG!* ^^.

March 20,2013

The only website you'll ever need for your gaming needs. I have been coming to Guy4game for a while now and I've spent more than plenty on them and they have never failed to deliver. They are very professional and always there to answer any questions you may have. I've bought both RS gold and RS powerleveling and both have been great experiences. The Live Chat is super helpful and if you're kinda weary or not very sure if you want to "risk" your account and items, don't :) They've never failed me. Thanks!!.

Pri :)
February 20,2013

They take awhile, but they do their job well and after 4 separate transactions, I have had no issues..

February 17,2013

About a week ago I ordered more SWTOR credits than they had atm on the lowest pop server - Jung Ma. But they still got right to work and farmed me the credits in a few hours AND even gave me an additional amount for having to wait. I should also add that it was the busy weekend. Will do business with Guy4Game.com again..

February 09,2013

I bought 20 gold for GW2 and I was a bit worried because the 24/7 chat wasn't working and they're closed at 7 on Fridays, but I emailed the sales email and received my gold within 2 hours after I emailed them! I now trust this site! Will buy from again, if need be. :) A+.

Nate R
February 08,2013

GW2 gold purchase. I saw the guy before me asked if this site is legit. Myself and a few people in our guild have used this site for many games now. I want to point out something important. This is a CANADIAN company. That means it is owned in a country where contracts and laws are enforced, and that will respect paypal disputes, etc. The product purchased was always delivered to me within a few hours. Buy with confidence..

GuildwarsGuy 4game
February 04,2013

Since the only comment is a test, i will say this is a legit website. 3 orders of 10-100 gold and all delivered in less than 5 hours or so. Great website..

Zack Vanosdol
February 01,2013

I have been buying SWTOR Credits from Guy4game since first SWTOR was released, and until today, Guy4game has never let me down! I am so glad I found guy4game, with my long working hours, I don't have time to actually craft nor do dailies, but with guy4game i can still raid and has some epic rare items! thanks a lot for all the support!.

January 25,2013

I have played multiplayer games for several years... subbed two or three at any given year. In early days I turned my nose up at the thought of not DIYing my swag. Today I decided that I couldnt do even one more grind for that epic whatsit I wanted (and needed to be more effcient while leveling) on my newer account. 3rd try was the charm. After epic fails all day with 2 other sites.. not sure I can say who ,but one has SEVERAL affliliates in same parent company. The other had reputation but I found out too late that reviews have been less favorable of late. Suddenly I remembered a friend had used G4 last year and was happy. One thing that wil turn me on or off of asite/game/establishment is SERVICE. a lil bit of investigation by a live customer service agent can save hours of toil, generate goodwil and usually solve the problem. Alice was a champ..kept me calm and neutral while checking the data. You guys have MY vote and promotion. I am an in-game DJ and wil definitely mention you as the place to check when the grind gets to time consuming . One shoudl treat oneself now and then ,,right? Thanks!.

Purrfctly Pleazd
January 15,2013

I brought credits from Guy4game.com for Swtor twice. Great customer service and i got both orders on time..

Ryan Patten
January 06,2013

Very good delivry time right when i logged in i saw that the gold was there thanks guys i will order again.

santiago matamoros
January 04,2013

I've bought from Guy4Game.com for MapleStory Mesos twice, and the first time I did, I got called into work 10 minutes later. I contacted their help line and they worked with me to establish a good delivery time for me. This service is excellent and I would highly recommend it!.

December 31,2012

I must say that thies guys are for real,after placing 25 orders on different sites,Guy for Games is the only one that came up with the goods ,it took a while as i did a server that is hard,iam still waiting for the others,to give me there goods well done guys ,you are no one in my books :).

December 27,2012

Bought a couple times now from Guy4Game and they've always been amazing, and the last order was done in under 15 minutes! Perfect customer service as well - would not look anywhere else for gaming needs..

Patrick L.
December 22,2012

I have been using these guys for ages, no issues. :).

Happy Customer
December 21,2012

Great customer service who worked through my issues cleanly and quickly!.

Allen Hughes
December 14,2012

SWTOR credit purchase - delivered within 12 hours. Will do business again, great service..

November 16,2012

Play SWTOR EU, got my order in less than 1 hour, WOW, just amazing..

July 31,2012