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Placed order and within minutes of confirmation received a note telling me they were temporarily out of stock. This is very good - I've found most brokers don't bother to keep you informed on availability. Checked on estimated timescales in their live chat, which was answered promptly and professionally.Gold arrived less than 24 hours after order was placed. Very good service from start to finish..

pete conrad
March 13,2008

I love you guys!.

tony sayance
February 28,2008

I would just lie to take the time to tell you what a great help she was in calming my nerves. I used your private chat after ordering and not recieving the gold (sorry, i am impatient and superstitious) and there she was to explain to me what was happening. Great service so far from you guys... Keep it up!.

james Cox
February 16,2008

I just wanted to drop a mail and tell you how satisfied i am with you guys. Nice support, answered my mail the next day, polite support too. Thumbs up for you guys, you made my day.

David T Stenberg
February 08,2008

Thanks!!!??Your website was very easy to use!!!.

leonardo shelleby
January 15,2008

Hello i will be very brief the Quality of the service i recived from Cath. was beyond what i could imagine she is a very good addition to youre company i am very please thank you i will shop again she keeps me coming back with great service.

margaret Sheets
January 07,2008

Hello i just wanted to make sure that you know how pleased i am with the service i recived from Ivy. she went out of her way to help me and was pleasnt the whole time. she made me feel valued as a customer and because of her i will use your servie exclusivly from this point forth..

Sam Ramirez
December 31,2007

Just wanted to say thanks to Amber for speaking great English, you don't know how nice it is to speak to a person that speaks English, has manners, and was a pleasure to speak with. I as well as my friends will start buying all our gold from you all. Thanks!.

heather sharawan
November 19,2007

this is about abby she is a very good employe hi i spoked to abby on live chat and she was the best live chat for any game websight im am defintaly gonna come and buy here again.

eric Schneider
August 26,2007

at first I thought this website was a scam but now I will use it more often.

steven Savino
July 10,2007

would just like to comment on how helpfull Thera was. very pleased with there help. thank you!.

lars salem
June 29,2007

Fantastic Service as usual.

vernon Salavisa
June 05,2007

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude on the hard work that the staff in Guy4Game has done in order to satisfy me as a customer. A lot of issues and problems that aroused from my powerleveling service (Order id:XX905) have been dealt with professionally and with full of patience. Together with this short email I would also like to express my cordial thanks to Thera, Monica, and Nicole for always be there to see my request no matter how small it is. Not forgetting Catharine, a very lovely young lady who tried so hard to get a discount for me last time. I really appreciate for what you have done for me Catharine. Again, thank you for everything..

nate Rymarowicz
April 11,2007

great. thank you so much Anna. I appreciate your help. I almost went with another business last night but the chat service left me on hold for over 10 minutes because he was talking to several people at once. Customer service tells a lot about a company. Have a great day and thank you..

Mark Rybinski
March 27,2007

I just want to say thank you for the great service you all provide and how professional you are. I have never had a problem with anyone at guy4game.com. Even your LiveChat staff is very nice. I just wanted to comment on the excellent service you have provided. Thank you again..

STEVEN rumble
February 07,2007

I'm one of the winners of the $500 christmas award and I just received the 450mil adena I bought with the gift certificate and I'd like to say thank you for everything and to say I'm very pleased with how fast it was to deliver..

Randy Roy
January 15,2007

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed using your site, it is clear and simple to use, responds quickly and looks great. Plus the professionalism of the company is second to known, I have never dealt with a more organised and efficient company, your customer service simply rocks and I truly hope that you guys apply this marketing model to other business services as I am sure Blizzard will soon be ending all our fun! I wish all the staff a Happy New Year and thank you very much for my gorgeous Christmas card, my wife was amazed by it, makes me want to move to Canada..

lewis Rosenthal
January 08,2007