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Buying Security

At guy4game, our utmost priority is ensuring that your personal and transaction information are secure and your privacy is respected. Accordingly, we have put a number of technological protections to fight the online shopping fraud.

Customer's information will never be abused or revealed to anyone else.

Tricks of RS scammers

Nowadays, more and more scams occur in this perfect game. There were some customers cheated by them. So we decided to do something from this happening anymore. The following examples are the tricks scammers ever used. All the character names mentioned in the following pictures are randomly made by G4G. They are not real players, just set up an example for you.

Tips: We know you are so kind-hearted to help others, but never give the gold back to anyone even the suppliers who just traded, or else you will be cheated. If you meet any problems about the gold, contact our live support or email us first.

Tips: Never listen to them. No one knows you were trading with a gold supplier. The one is 100% scam if he says he saw the trade. If you meet such situation, the best way is ignore him.

Tips: Jagex never threats their players. So don't worry about it. Please don't give the gold to anyone in any situation. Jagex won't ask you, but remove the gold directly from your account when they find you break the game rules.

The above examples are the old tricks they used to get you scammed. All in all, never return the gold after traded. Just keep it, you will be safe enough from being cheated.