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Placing Orders

Placing OrdersStep 1: Select the product and click Buy Now

Placing Orders

Placing OrdersStep 2: Fill in the delivery information and your                          personal information

Placing Orders

Click Continue go to the next step.

Placing OrdersStep 3: Choose a payment way

Placing Orders

Please choose one of the payment methods. Only credit card cost you 5% surcharge.
If you have any questions here, please click 24-7 live chat for a help.

Placing OrdersStep 4: Fulfill your payment

After confirm all the information, click Submit Order to go to the next step. It will lead you to the payment page to finalize your payment.

Placing OrdersStep 5: Wait for your order being delivered

Usually it will take 10- 20 minutes for our billing department to review your order and payment.
After that, our Purchase will arrange the delivery or produce for your products.