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First time doing anything like this. 20 mins after purchase thru Paypal, I was contacted in game and made the delivery! Totally easy and will probably use again! Vial Of The Sands, here I come!.

January 06,2012

Very fast delivery.Thanks..

Damian Ebertowski
January 06,2012

Talked to someone right away gold was delievered in 10 minutes very trusted will be buying gold again.

Vance Wheeler
January 06,2012

i bought platinum 2 times in the same week, the first time they were out of stock on my shard so it took over a day and they forgot the 10% extra but the second time on an other shard it took a couple of hours and they added the 10% and a 5% rebate cupon. thank you.

January 05,2012

bought swtor credits got 80 in less then 1 hour talked to linda cause i was a bit worried of scams but she stayed in chat till i got it.

russell collins
January 05,2012

I am extremely happy with this place. This is the very first MMO that I have ever played and have heard stories of people being scammed on other games. I took the time to compare places and not only does this place have the best pricing for SWTOR credits, their customer service is amazing. Ann stayed in chat with me until the order was processed. I was told to expect the in-game email in about an hour but in less than 20 minutes, i got what i paid for. I will definitely come back and place a bigger order now. Rest assured people, this place is legit 100%.

January 05,2012

Got a decent size order in less than an hour!! Great service and quick and easy order! SWTOR! Will be shopping here again!!! A+++++++ service!.

Ronald Blume
January 04,2012

Very trustworthy and very quick and simple, the chat is helpful and delivers pretty quickly, only problem were the scammers at the very start when the gold was on its way, it seemed trustworthy but the chat said it was a scam. Thanks guy4game!.

Leon Essam
January 04,2012

I have been a customer here for a while and i have ordered 500m+, very safe and legit.

January 04,2012

First time I've used guy4game. I must say I'm really impressed. I'll definately recommend him to friends and will use again sometime in the future! Thanks for being unlike other places my husband had used in the past..

January 04,2012

so far the best service ive found.thanks G4G!.

william sparks
January 04,2012

This was my first time doing this. Very easy! It took a little over an hour to get all my gold. However, the entire time I was chatting with Rita. No issues, straightforward! Thanks!.

January 03,2012

Delivery was fast very helpful, Will do business with again..

Mike D
January 03,2012

Tried to purchase an old republic CD key from numerous other websites since i'm in Japan and EA doesn't sell it to our region from their site, made the mistake by not coming here first. I got ripped off by other websites. Came back here and whaddya know, 20 minutes later i was playing. This will always be my first stop.

Matthew Morris
January 03,2012

I am Sure to come back later on this site. everything is simple and the chat was very helpful. I do recomend this to everyone is who is looking for rs money. 5 stars.

john megan
January 02,2012

Amazingly fast service, less then 30mins and no problems at all, many thanks..

Rose Will
January 02,2012

Fast service. I will use them again in SWTOR.

Keith Johnson
January 01,2012

deadly site, fast 90% percent of the time, i have ordered over 200m+ by now, there amazing!.

January 01,2012

Like most, I was a tad bit reluctant to give them my hard earned money. But they're 100% legit, got my gold within the hour..

Tony Danza
January 01,2012

great work guys helps heaps.

December 31,2011