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lolol is this real?.

Div dev
October 28,2010

The first time I made a large gold purchase I was understandably nervous and unsure if Guy4Game was legit. It happen to be the day after "the patch" and the suppliers were not up to full stock. I kept checking in with the online assistance folks (who are great by the way) and they were very friendly and supportive. My first order took 3 days to fill but the service was GREAT! On my next order, I was stunned when 3 minutes after I made the purchase, the online assistant told me that my order was ready for delivery. Guy4Game is definitely the people to go to for your WoW gold. A big thank you to all the staff..

October 27,2010

just want to see if this is real. If this does not post, i dont believe anything below.

Yonten Lucifer
October 26,2010

Love dealing with this company especially dealing with other gold/power leveling sites. Gold delivery is alway fast. The power leveling took sometime but at I was always able to get a hold of someone who could look into the matter without issues. Love it....

October 25,2010

Dear guy4game.com and Oliver, I can honestly say that I am thoroughly impressed with your services. You are excellent at what you do, and I'm glad I chose this site over other power leveling sites. Oliver, what a great person to have Live Chatted with! You were very helpful and made me feel A LOT more comfortable about using this website. I am happy to have met you! :) I will definitely recommend both you, Oliver, and guy4game.com to other people. You can bet that I'll be back. ;) ~Emily.

Emily Booker
October 25,2010

Fast and easy, I was so nervous getting the money I am just so happy how fast and professional this site is!.

October 25,2010

ordered, at night and fell asleep, got my gold in the morning, quick service, very cheap and reliable. ordered here twice already. highly recommended.

samady lieu
October 25,2010

Earlier today I had bought from guy4game for the first time. The site seemed kind of sketchy at first, knowing that a lot of these sites have a reputation for scams, but after I finally made my purchase all doubt had seized. I was highly impressed how fast and easy it was to order. I was able to use directly from a credit card, without having to go through a bunch of paypal crap (like some other powerlevelling sites such as this). Aside from the site itself, Oliver from live chat was AMAZING! He was very easy to talk to and was a bonus to my first time being here. Even when my internet had lost connection, he sent me the information I needed through e-mail. If you're a person reading this trying to decide whether or not guy4game.com is a good decision (like I did), IT IS! You will not be disappointed. There's nothing better than Oliver and guy4game.com! :) ~Emily.

Emily Booker
October 24,2010

They Made Over 122m on my account and almost 150m :D using rs2 gold :D thanks guy4game.

Peter Ryan
October 24,2010

guy4game all am going to say is excellent what an great wedsite for power leveling and gold and service is great.

Dan Robinson
October 23,2010

No Lie, G4G is the best. I order and received my full order, plus compensation for the delay. All the staff was top notch, helpful, and very kind. Was a very nice experience, one that I will most likely repeat now in the future!!! THANKS G4G. -A.

October 23,2010


Meh Meh
October 23,2010

I have to say its nice, being able to have a company you can got to for power leveling. Especially with all the scams out there. Lets face it there is only so many alts you can level to 80 your self before you pull your hair out trying to do another one. Thanks Guy4Game stay legit, we need more like you..

Tom Stirrett
October 23,2010

i ordered 8k gold. it's my first time buying gold online. a little doubtful at first, but my buddy said it's okay. eventhough it like a few days until i got my gold like 10 minutes ago. they also compensated for my waiting and efforts to wait. i am very satisfied with this site and looking forward to deal more business with them..

Thomas E
October 22,2010

I was wary of using RS2 power leveling services at first. But G4G really is a trustworthy and genuine site. Why shop anywhere else with service as reliable as this? Thanks G4G.

October 21,2010

great site got contact with them in seconds its fast guys trust me i only trust them now :D these guys are the real deal.

coltton sodeman
October 20,2010

I ordered 22k in gold. I took a week for me to get, but they compensated for me on there delay with some extra bonuses. This website is awesome, i will buy from them anytime..

October 20,2010

Brilliant workers, do everything as soon as they can its amazing how they do it..

Jack Huckle
October 20,2010

this website is the bizomb i have wanted the battered hilt forever and i got on here and there it was for a great price and had it in my mail within 24 hours thanks sooooo much guy4games.

brian adams
October 20,2010

Very fast also very good comunication customer service. Will use your service again in the future. Thank you.

October 19,2010