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Have bought gold from these guys and have never had issues with them. I play Wow,Rift, Archeage, Aion and many other games but I always use guy4game. I love these guys----they will do their best to help you out and also give the best prices on gold. I have bought for many years and I always return to order more. They are very trustworthy and will work with you as to getting you the gold. I also recommend guy4game to many others who ask..

Martin Clearman
September 26,2014

First ever order on this website , was skeptical at first but i had the customer support user [PANDA] very freindly and calm through the order had a few issues at start but got them resolved and what i needed from the order i would recommend this website to anyone it is legit as it can get . Thank you to Panda for the awesome support.

September 22,2014

Ordered 1 million swtor credits. At first very nervous about the whole process. Guy4game delivered in 20 minutes. Safe. Secure. Smooth. Couldnt have asked for better. Did not get banned. This is a legit site..

Michael Green
July 16,2014

Ordered 1 million swtor credits. At first very nervous about the whole process. Guy4game delivered in 20 minutes. Safe. Secure. Smooth. Couldnt have asked for better. Did not get banned. This is a legit site..

Michael Green
July 16,2014

I am in agreement with pretty much everything that you mentioned entirely! Excellent website!.

Smithb128 Smithb128
June 29,2014

I have bought gold and items from guy4game about six times now. I have never had a problem with any of the transactions. Only site that I trust. Will continue to do business with them. Highly recommend..

June 18,2014

I have been using Guy4Game frequently since I discovered it and have found them to be THE most reliable source for in-game currency--specifically Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have recomended them to several friends and will continue to do so. They are fast, reliable, and offer the most discreet delivery I've encountered. In addition, their customer service does a bang-up job of answering questions in a fast and professional manner. Thanks, Guy4Game!.

J'ran Kai
May 22,2014

I was very skeptical at first and while waiting to get my GW2 gold. Although it took a bit longer than the 24 hour deadline, they gave me extra gold for the inconvenience. I will definitely buy from them again knowing this is a legit site..

May 21,2014

They came through, took longer than i would have hoped (31hours) but patience is a virtue right. Thanks for your help will most likely be back. It's LEGIT and that's what matters the most..

satisfied customer
May 03,2014

I have been using Guy4Game now for about 3 years, from WOW gold to my current game Elder Scrolls Online, have never had any problems :) they deliver on time and are always very helpful! The chat team is alwats on and ready to help..

Laina Gonzalez
April 29,2014

This was my 3rd purchase from GuyforGame - two of those were for 10million worth of gold - and I got my BEFORE the 24 hour deadline. I will be using them for a fourth time! Wonderful, honest company!.

Phrost Byte
April 18,2014

(SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic) *Credits* These people are the best in the world! Guy4Game are the nicest people I've have ever met in a game website! I was afraid this site was gonna steal your money blah blah blah but I gave it a try and my credits came in a day! :D I was so happy! I know some people wanted their stuff in like 15mins but I'm good at waiting for the things I want! Anyway this is the only site I will ever use now! I've told my friends and sister about this site! I liked the on FB to! I hope they will do (Lotro - Lord of the Rings Online *Gold*) That would be awesome! These are the safest guys to they know what their doing and I haven't gotten banned once! Love you guys! No homo :P.

Peter Ellis
March 26,2014

Was a little scared at first but I have been buying gold from here for the last 2 years wouldn't go anywhere else..

February 20,2014

was dubious at first. but found delivery was equally as good as the appearance of the site. awesome!! I will never shop anywhere else now..

john 123
February 10,2014

G4G happens to be a great site with great customer service, so friendly and understanding, their worth the time and money.

February 07,2014

I have used this service 10+ times. Always had my gold within 24 hrs. I feel I can actually trust a gold selling site for once..

Chris G
January 22,2014

I was skeptical at first, but guy4game has always delivered my gold in respectable time. I haven't had one order go wrong with them. They will always get my business in the future..

Chuck Norris
January 15,2014

Recieved my gold! Took less than a day! Thank you!.

Dave yudin
December 30,2013

Just got in contact with a representative. Took a while, but I got an ETA on my order. Hoping they are true to their word..

Dave J
December 29,2013

I decided to give this a try, and ordered a few million credits for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I received my credits much faster than I expected. I'm very satisfied, and I highly recommend this service. I'll definitely be buying from guy4game again..

November 28,2013