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The delivery was fast and the deliverer friendly. I couldn't be happier! Thank you! I'll use this site in the future for sure..

June 06,2011

I get my Rift Platinum ONLY from this website. I've tried other sites and been ripped off but Guy4Game always gives me my FULL order no matter how big within 5 hours. I've never had problems, their staff (Nancy,Kiko,Ava) ROCK and I'm sure I'll be ordering here over and over again. You won a customer for life!.

June 04,2011

WOW, fast amazing service RIFT Plat in a hurry.

Tim N
May 20,2011

Finally a site were the prices are great and they dont scam you. Bought Rift platinum and came within 30-40 mins will def buy again keep up the great work.

April 29,2011

Rift You guys were so awesome...straight forward, no hassle, no drama. Received my platinum in less then 30 min. 5/5 stars for you!.

April 22,2011

I bought some mesos for Maplestory. Could not have asked for a better seller. They emailed me when the gold was ready and this was within half an hour. After that it was delivered quickly and when I contacted them for the gold the staff member Nancy was very nice. Definately would buy from guy4game again..

April 12,2011

I ordered a 60 day game time card for wow and received a legit code, I have to admit I was skeptical at first... but rest assure I had no reason to be skeptical, I am happy to say that this site is legit and I will do business again. Thanks guy4game.com!.

March 31,2011

I found this site while looking for some extra plat to help out my character in RIFT. I've now bought from them 3 times. I recommend people go into the live chat and see if they have the gold/isk/plat/gil in stock. If they do you'll have it within a 20-30 minute window. Last time I ordered plat they didn't have it in stock but got it to me with in 12 hours which I was pleased with as I am on one of the more populated servers for RIFT. Defiantly recommend them..

March 30,2011

Regardless of the fact it took a while to get the rift plat, the server i am n is ridiculously busy in their defense. They were extremely helpful with there live chat service, and always come through with the orders in the end. Honestly, I've used from them 9 times before and this is just a minor hiccup. Would buy from them again, and again..

Damion Baal
March 28,2011

If you are like me works alot does not minde spending a few bucks for in game money..This is the site to do it iv been buying from them for different games for awile...there is no were i would go or trust other then this site.

michael mcintosh
March 27,2011

The only bad thing i have to say is it took longer then the promised 24 hours. having said that i would use this site/service again. ibought gold for rift which is a new game so gold is in high demand. the live chat was available to me 24/7 so wen i started to freak out i was able to talk to someone and see where it was.. i would use this site again.. im going to use this site again.. i would recommend. my advice. if u are using for rift.. expect several days befoer u recieve it..

Greatbalzofire rift
March 22,2011

Ordered my Lord of the Rings online gold, got it in the in-game mail about 10 minutes later. The prices were also the cheapest of all the sites I visited by at least 4 dollars.

March 22,2011

Bought AO gold multiple times from you guys. Wonderful company and great, speedy service. Will definitely use you again..

February 04,2011

LOTRO gold was dilivered fast. would do again if needed.

January 14,2011

I bought one of the profession levelling kits to start and engineer in Cataclysm. Great service easy to read guide, reasonably priced. You have a customer for life! Your reputation and professionalism is appreciated in this industry, you are certainly the best!.

Jason Racette
December 31,2010

its my first time buying gold in the web, i check alot of webs sites to see wich one is secure and have the things that i want, in a rasonable prize. after buying it here i was nerveous because i thought that all is lie or something like that, nothing happen and in a few minutes they deliverd the gold and even, ask me if the deliver is okay and stuff. i recomend this page to everybody because is secure, not like other webs sites (u cant live chat and other support things, they just scrammed u.).

December 14,2010

First time buying gold for any game so I was a bit nervous that I could get scammed. With Guy4Game they are not scamming sure maybe a bit higher if you search around but the other sites are generally the scammers. There wasn't stock on my server for Atlantica Online but in about 3 days there was stock again and I received the gold. The people on the chat were very helpful in getting my questions answered along with making sure I got the bonus gold during Halloween. Very good customer support and will come back here for my gold needs..

November 02,2010

WOW! Best Justice Point Farmers EVER! Even got me some achieves! ;D.

You Wish You Knew
October 31,2010

this website is the bizomb i have wanted the battered hilt forever and i got on here and there it was for a great price and had it in my mail within 24 hours thanks sooooo much guy4games.

brian adams
October 20,2010

this site is amazing got 300mil gold on maple in less than 10 minutes.

Jay Yoo
October 07,2010