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Got a powerleveling service for WoW from 90-100 with full conquest (690) gear. It's now day 4 and 95% of the service is complete. Customer service was always available to help with problems and communicate messages to the power leveler. Great service & value!.

June 14,2015

Guy4Game is fantastic. Always helpful, always prompt, and when there's a problem, Customer Support is there, working the issue to a satisfactory solution. My account has never been scammed or harmed by Guy4Game. I've become quite the loyal customer for them making my gaming experiences relaxing and stress-free to do what I like when I like while in the game. For people with little time like myself, their services are a god-send. Keep doing what you guys do!! Special thanks to Reps -- Panda, Lucy, and Grace!!.

April 18,2015

I trust this site and only this site, when I buy my gold, or credits, whether it be SWTOR or WoW...Deffinitely worth it and the staff ius very kind, willing to assist you in locating how long it will take for your credits to be given to you :D.

Chris Trusty
March 26,2015

Rift gold got. Worked well. Was informed 30 min to 24 hours. Sure took almost 24 hours, but it did happen. Thanks..

March 04,2015

I've been a Guy4game customer for 2 years. I've bought both good and mounts and with out question G4G has provided the best service and delivery I've ever experienced on-line. In short these guys are AWESOME!.

Rob Lane
February 16,2015

I have been using this site for about 2 years now it doesn't matter if you are buying from them or selling 2 them they always come through with no problems awesome site!!.

February 10,2015

These guys are way better than okaygoods.com. Guy4Game is a little bit more expensive but they deliver the gold on time without hassles..

Peter M
February 10,2015

I used this website many years ago for WoW powerleveling and gold, how ever this time I was after Fifa 15 coins and this was my first purchase so I was still skeptical. Thankfully Grace was there to not only answer my pre-order questions, but also stay on the live chat all the way through the process guiding me and ensuring my order was fulfilled as soon as possible. All in all it was a fantastic experience, great price and will definitely be using again..

Mr Gamble
February 03,2015

Was purchased fifa 15 coins This is an excellent site.

nader alazimi
February 02,2015

Service is just AWESOME! Working even on holidays! I love you guys!.

January 02,2015

I bought 2000 Archeage gold and the delivery took longer than expected, but they delivered in full 3 days after my order. Their support staff was very open and honest during the process, easing my worries about possibly not receiving my order. After this great experience I'm definitely coming back here for any of my MMO purchasing needs :).

Lavitz Slambert
December 20,2014

Amazing service and good support!.

December 04,2014

Got a lot of credits from this website its legit, use it..

Notareal Name
November 03,2014

The Credits were deposited into my Accounts as Order'd, The Force is strong with Guy4Game but The Dark Side will prevail! Thanks again, Lord Vader =).

Lord Vader
October 30,2014

As someone who's new to mmo's. I didn't know much about gold selling websites and the insane amount of bots advertising in-game on Archeage kinda makes them seem scamish. I needed gold and decided I'd "test the waters" and hope I don't get scammed out of my money. I was worried for nothing. Gold was delivered about 15 minutes after placing the order. Very happy would recommend to friends. Cheap too so that's a plus..

October 28,2014

I actually thought this site wasn't going to work and I was going to be scammed like other sites but Guy4game.com comes through! Will definitely buy from them again in the future..

October 25,2014

This is by far the best MMO service you will likely to find. I've been buying from them for a long time now and have never encountered any problems across several games. Sometimes it can take a little longer to get your currency due to low supply, but that's understandable. It really feels like G4G has its own suppliers compared to a lot of the other competitors, who seem to always have the same accounts for sale as far as World of Warcraft is concerned. If you still have any doubts, buy something small and test it out for yourself. P.S. You may need to do a phone verification when you buy for the first time (or the total amount is greater than a certain point). If it is your first time buying, contact the online support and they will guide you through the verification process..

October 17,2014

fast, discreet, awesome bargain, incredibly polite and helpful ... i love these guys! been using their services for over a year & will always keep coming back. thank you Guy4Game!.

October 15,2014

I used this site many times and cant express on how pleased I am with their service their very reliable very trustworthy had one issue in the beginning talked to live chat and as soon as I got off the problem was solved. ive been back many times before. wish I had more money to do more lol...GRATE JOB..

October 05,2014

Great Service, Always helpful live chat staff and honest about the time it will take to your gold..

Nathaniel Field
October 02,2014