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Ordered 3000M in Atlantica online, quickly asked the live support what the stock was on my server. But the collectors was off duty, so went to sleep. After a night I enter the live support again, requested the stock on the server and everything was there and it all could be sent. A minute or two after the agent said it was there, the gold was in my mailbox! Definitely the best ones on the market, the prices are absolutely worth it - cheaper sites is probably just fraud ones. Here you'll have lovely support at ALL times (I connected to them 3 times in total with questions I had) that also speaks english more than well and answers all your questions about your order and such. 10/10.

September 27,2010

I have never experienced such superb customer service and efficiently smooth and haste transaction. They are highly skilled at marketing and I could not be happier to have conducted my business with them. It literally took them 5 minutes in live chat to for them to review my order before delivering my order before delivering it to me in game. I have bought gold from them 3 time and have received my gold between 10min to an hour. www.mogs.com is a waste of your money and time. I purchased 100mil gold from them mogs.com for Atlantica Online and they promised my gold would be delivered between 30min-48 hour time frame. I waited 4 days and they still have not processed my order. Stay away from them because you will be dissatisfied. Guys4Games is the way to go..

September 07,2010

I`ve been trying out so many suppliers now to find a good one to sell me lotro gold. And guy4game is the only one who has delivered as promised. Very fast delivery and really good service :) Higly recommended site.

Andy Norway
August 10,2010

Got my Mesos, took a week or two, but I got them as promised..

July 01,2010

I used to come to guy4game for WoW gold and I knew I could trust them. I bought some Atlantica Online gold and they proved I can still trust them. Gold came within 24 hours as promised!!.

May 04,2010

good service so far eventhough i have to wait for like 2days for the gold to be delivered!!.

April 21,2010

I am still waiting for my gold. beeing told that their database was down for 4 hours made me think its a scam but i really hope its not... Just another excuse that many scammers use. il post again if i actually get my gold..

Jim X
April 13,2010

It's excellent service, you guys are fast and awesome , Fast 100% Top Quality.

fai pagun
February 19,2010

An incredible customer service, supportive and helpful, extremely swift to respond and a joy to communicate with. Two thumbs up! ^^.

December 15,2009

All WOW players know what a time sink starting a new profession can be. When I decided to dump my level 450 Engineering and start Blacksmithing I discovered Guy4Game's DIY profession leveling package. Amazing! Absolutely amazing. All supplies and a detailed guide were delivered within the hour and I was cranking out high level plate armor by the following morning. I heartily endorse Guy4Game's DIY Profession leveling service. It is the best. Thanks for saving me countless hours of alt character mining. You made prof leveling a piece of cake. Jayel.

November 25,2009

This website was awesome. They contacted me and got me the product in an extremely timely manner. The support staff was absolutely awesome and answered every question for me. The confirmation was a bit lengthy, but hell, it keeps things secure :) Awesome site, 10/10.

Chester Taylor
October 19,2009

Ive had expiriences with other MMO suppliers, I wish I would have found Guy4game waayyyyy earlier just to save on all the issues ive had. Just recently for a new MMO, I purchased at another seller and they promised delivery of gold within 24 hours...that was 3 days ago and im still waiting. I tried Guy4game yesterday, they also say it can be up to 24 hours, but they got my large order within a few hours! Guy4game is now my main supplier for all future needs, and i'll be sure to let me friends know.

Homer J.S.
September 28,2009

Great service and excellent support....will certainly buy here again....

kevin fens
September 26,2009

I have been very impressed with your service so far!I had read an article on CNET about Guy 4 Game they said you were the best and I have been very impressed so far..

Robert Clevenger
August 25,2009

I appreciate your understanding and because of that I will do business with you and your company in the future. The service you provide allows players without countless hours to grind enjoy the game just as much as people who play for days at a time. Thank you for doing what you all do. You have my support..

Terry Smith
July 16,2009

Carrie and linda both help me because i had some complaints about my pure being ruined and my torso being lost.. buts thats a dif thing. Carrie was very helpful and curdious even though i was giving her a hell of alot of attitude because as you can guess i was upset she put up with my shit with amazing patience then negotiated a fair deal for compensation and i thank her for it and she is a damn good customer service staff member. thanks again carrie. =].

Quoc Hung Smith
July 11,2009

Your are a great company and I will continue to use you with all my personal orders! You offer prompt service, speak great English, and offer great customer retention programs! I would give Guy4Game a 9/10 and would recommend you to anyone!.

larry Chaparro
July 08,2009

you are an easy MMORPG site to use and the prices are among the best..

Ryan Chen
June 05,2009

I will say that I am very satisfied by your service for the following reasons... (1) Leveler was quick. It started very soon after my order was submitted, and completed in at a very quick pace. The upper 30 levels in 13 days? (interrupted by me for no less than 24 hours, and another 16 hours for weekly server restarts?). (2) Customer service was always polite, friendly, and cooperative. And, not to mention, available. I used the 24/7 live chat every time I needed to communicate. I think the most I had to wait was 2-3 minutes one time. (3) Value. The value of the service justified the expense for me. Thanks again. And rest assured, I will recommend your service to anyone I know looking for it..

lucas Reilly
May 31,2009

that is understandable, actually, respectable,buisiness is to be held with the upmost respect,and you all at guy4game always have shown me that.

Shawn Chong
May 23,2009