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WOW 6.1 PTR News

Game News

by admin | January 18,2015

Game News

New achievements for collecting heirlooms, including Heirloom Hoarder which rewards the Chauffeured Chopper mount which is usable by lvl 1 players. The mount journal text, as seen on Summon Chauffeur, is "Why drive yourself around when you can hire someone to do it for you?" and KoakHoburn is the driver! The 6.1 PTR notes stated that the mount would require all heirlooms collected, but Heirloom Hoarder is just for 35 which is a bit easier.


New achievements for collecting Music Tunes--20 tunes rewards the PortableAudiophone toy. Click here to listen to all of the new music.


Items used to reroll crafted stats are easier to make--the items required from Work Orders/daily cooldowns have been removed.


The fishing changes from the last build have been reverted, and Bladebone Hook has been added so you can auto-fillet everything at once.


New profession recipes allow you to craft reagents outside of their daily cooldown.