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Blackrock Foundry Raid Loot

Game News

by admin | January 5,2015

Game News

Loot from Blackrock Foundry is as follows:
LFR: 650
Normal: 665
Heroic: 680
Mythic: 695


Tier 17 gear with set bonuses is obtainable from Blackrock Foundry. Unlike past tiers, you do not need to turn a token in to a vendor--simply click on the token and it will turn into a piece of armor. Helm: Kromog
Shoulder: Operator Thogar
Chest: FlamebenderKa'graz
Gloves: Iron Maidens
Legs: Blast Furnace
Boots: Kromog


In addition, there is a special set of gear from Foundry LFR that has set bonuses. This LFR gear is ilvl 655, 5 ilvls above the other LFR gear.
Ashlink Armor
Ebonflame Raiment
Sootfur Garb


Normal, Heroic, and Mythic loot, including Tier 17 gear, has a chance to come in several variations: Warforged: +6 item level boost.