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EXCELENT SERVICE. The customer support is amazing and if you want an update on your order you can get one 24/7 via live chat. Powerlevelling took a day longer than i thought but partly because of the new patch. I've also purchased gold three times and it was delievered promptly.

Thomas Herzog
December 13,2009

This service is amazing and fast. It is the best powerleveling company i have used and with the others i was either seeing a very slow process or i got temporary suspension. I reccomend this service to anyone who wants to have a more powerful toon. keep up the great work guys!!.

December 03,2009

I bought powerleveling last night for leveling my toon from 79 to 80. Within 5-6 hours it was completed. Thank you Guy4Game. Fast, reliable..

Andrew Nguyen
November 27,2009

guy4game.com provides an excellent powerleveling service, I recommend it to others and will be more than likely use them again! =D.

November 17,2009

I remember making my first order long ago from a different company called Oforu. It wasn't long before it was banned and I lost about $400. I should've known better. Eventually, I came across this website and was obviously a little iffy about trusting such a service again. But I took the plunge anyway with some small orders and they were accomplished with no trouble. I've never looked back since and always come here to catch up gear-wise as my work makes it difficult to do so. Beforehand, when time was endless, I always raided on my own but lately, I've just been unable to do so. The prices here are good, guy4game is always updating me weekly on items that have or have not been obtained, and they have even tossed in extra items at times. If I ever change my mind on an order or need to cancel, I've yet to have a problem and have always received full refund. I can only hope they remain as great as they are now, in the future. Cheers for a fantastic service =).

November 13,2009

great customer service, the best ive ever encountered anywhere. Also the product was good to.

matt c
November 09,2009

AMAZING! I have done a lot of purchases from other websites within the last month. I have been messed over by quite a few providers. Guy4Game.com has exceeded my expectations. Extremely fast and prompt service and they actually gave more than it was worth! Thanks for everything!.

Matthew P
October 29,2009

G4G is very professional and here to get the job done. I have ordered twice from g4g once for gold (about a 20 min delivery) and once for power leveling (30-45 in about 24 hours). Every time i use g4g i am happy with the product.

Jake B
October 27,2009

These guys are strictly professional and they get the job done in a great amount of time. You dont to worry about anything happening to your account or your toon because they'll take care of you. Heck, when I logged back in I check and saw they had even put some of the items they found in AH and made around 50g for me. Thanks G4G ;).

October 20,2009

Good guys always make sure im happy..

October 19,2009

I've purchases power leveling twice from these guys I've also purchased gold for Aion. Every time they are great. They get it done fast (delivery or power leveling). The Live Chat staff is great. They've put up with me many time. :) They are always helpful and quick to respond and act..

October 17,2009

Guy4Game offer an outstanding service. Each time I have engaged them they have exceeded my expectations. They provide prompt service with an exceptional level of support. I would most defiantly recommend Guy4game to anyone looking for a competitively priced, safe and secure powerleveling service. They will always be my first and only choice..

Jesse H
October 17,2009

This company is awesome. I ordered for a powerleveling (from lvl 1 to 25) on the new server of Aion. It was the only one powerleveler to be able to do it on the new servers. The Livechat is really skilled, and fast if we have some question (I'm a fan of Zoie :$). The work was well done, with good green stuff, all the skill for my character and more than 300k kinah, which is pretty much for lvl 25. I'll recommand you for my friends, and you have now a new fidelity customer. :).

Steven xx
October 07,2009

Very awsome website and team runing it! The fastest i ever seen!.

patty L
October 05,2009

This website is great! Excellent customer service and honest employees. I would choose this site for all my game needs any time. 5/5.

j russo
September 26,2009

I have tried other WoW selling website although none seem to compare either in customer service or in product quality. My orders were completed quickly and correctly without getting me banned. The transactions are quick and easy. If one is considering buying or using a website to help with an MMO I highly recommend this website..

Super WOWer
September 15,2009

Hey. Like always, like it Thanks!.

michael robertson
August 01,2009

Just like to say I was very happy with you service! Keep up the good work!.

Peter Robertson
July 31,2009

You may not be the cheapest however you are the best, and i will be back for repeated service.

osama soehlig
July 27,2009

Perfect i've tried other sites but been let down these a brilliant ty.

David Staahl
July 26,2009