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Most often they can deliver full package on big orders it takes more time but they always delivered..

Tom speed
February 04,2009

Your service was outstanding. Your team kept me informed, answered my questions, and level'd my toon quickly. I will be using your again in the future!.

fwa Riss
January 31,2009

Thanks for completing the powerlevelling on my character. I would like you to pass along to whoever was controlling my character that they played it with professionalism. Either by coincidence, or chance, you had asked my IRL cousin in the game for assistance in completing a quest. My cousin was privy to the fact I was getting powerlevelled, so he knew it wasn't me. He said that the player was all business and said thanks for the assistance for the quest. Please pass this on and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone in the future..

Kathy Simonini
January 23,2009

Just wanted to thank you, you did a very good job, and faster than the estimated time. I will come back next time I need some more PL. Thanks!.

Jack reed
January 06,2009

you guys did an outstanding job! you had my order completed in a matter of hours!!!! 65-80. I couldn't be more happy!.

jim Smith
January 01,2009

I have thought highly of this company since I first started doing World of Warcraft gold reviews. Guy4game has remained a rock solid gold seller and every time I look at them, they seem to add something new such as honor powerleveling. The features that Guy4game offer very few other companies provide..

glenn Spargur
December 31,2008

I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate your help in lvling to 80. To the G4G team, I wish you all a safe and tremendous upcomming holiday..

marjorie Rodriguez
December 18,2008

Once again, I am very happy with your powerleveling service. It was exceptionally fast, as I expected it to be, because this is my second order from G4G. I have also invited friends of mine to use your services, and they are just as happy. Keep up the good work and look forward to doing business with you again..

Kally staples
October 31,2008

thank u for completing my account i was very pleased with the service. If i will need further service i will definitely use u guys..

Shawn richardson
September 06,2008

I thank you very much that was what i hoped u guys wood do i guess when u deal with the best online game service " Guy4game " u get the best service i have bought a new copy of WoW and will be installing tonight ill update my profile on your sight with the new leveling info and ill message u in live chat when im ready for u guys to start and again i THANK YOU for makeing it right as i new u wood. Ps. ill probably be needing another 1000g after u guys get the second toon to 60..

Jason Reynolds
August 07,2008

i would like to thank you all for finishing my powerleveling order--i have been very pleased with all your hard work. thank everyone for me!.

Mike Stark
June 26,2008

They responded very quickly to my request for powerleveling. In fact, I was impressed not only with the speed, but when checking in on my character only a few hours afterwards, I thought they were ahead of the estimated time given. My experience was enjoyable and I would definitely use them again..

ryan Sonnier
June 21,2008

I ordered WoW powerleveling from you guys and I just wanted to let you know that it was the best experience I have ever had with any mmorpg service.

Rhomenthus ross
June 15,2008

Firetly apologies for the delay.I used your 48 hr leveling service about 2 weeks ago,charachter name was XX on the khadgar realm, alliance i wanted to convey how pleased i was with the service which went beyond my expectations so thanks to you and the person that leveled me.

david Rodriguez
April 30,2008

Thank you for the great service yet again. I will be comming to you for all my future Powerleveling needs..

Jamie stewart
April 06,2008

Please express my heartfeld thanks order xx2965 to the levelers for doing such a wonderful job for me.

March 06,2008

hello i just wanted to say i'm using your service for power leveling in Wow US, and i just wanted to say fantastic job! i am really pleased with the service that is being provided and i will be recommending some friends this way.

sophie Ryan
March 27,2007