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Purchased from them 4-5 times, and everytime they were fast and reliable. I have had no problems with them at all. Very friendly and cooperative. Plan on using them again a lot in the future.

Nick Ringling
January 17,2012

I have tried many other power leveling sites in my time, but 99% of them were scams, and the 1 percent was WAY too expensive!!! So I stumbled upon this site one day looking for powerleveling, expecting to empty my wallet for a good powerleveling service.. I saw the prices here and thought that there was no way this is real, it must be a scam. So I went a head and just bought a few levels to check if it were real, and to a great suprise, the order was legitly finished in less than an hour!! No scams here, this site is 1000000 % legit and fase, and the customer service is SUPER nice!!! I have been buying from guy4game for almost a year now, and have LOVED their service and products. I won't stop buying from you Guy4Game!!.

Broderick Kern
January 15,2012

I bought runescape powerleveling off these guys, level 96 to 99 defence. i paid for it (relativley cheap price) and it was finished within 3 days! very honest service and reasonable prices..

Aaron Houston
January 14,2012

I was hesitant at first but this site is 100% legitimate. They power leveled my WOW character from 32-60 in just under 2 days. Really impressed by there customer service and how they keep in contact with you. I don't have as much time to play like I use too have, so this is a very helpful service. Would recommend them to anyone. I will be returning to have my SWTOR account power leveled next. Great service! Thank you!.

December 30,2011

Very nice support. If bought some powerleveling here, And got Live support from Derrek which was really smooth. So far so good!.

Wesley Jhonson
December 28,2011

the only thing with they have so much for america and nothing for eu but the lvling is great fantastic could be getting more people if it has more better gear for eu though.

December 06,2011

These guys are great,did everything they said they would in no time at all.Thanks Guy4game.com.

matthew mulder
November 26,2011

The service is great and done in a timely fashion. Everything that is promised is delivered and fast. This is the sight to use. I've tried others and it was a waste of money. this is the sight you want for all your gaming needs..

Sears Singletary
November 12,2011

I am overall very pleased with guy4game's service i have never been so pleased with any other power leveling site. I got secure fast power leveling for cheaper than any other website. The customer service was fantastic in handling anything that came up. 10/10.

November 07,2011

Just got my toon powerleveled, and i must say i couldn't be happier with the service. They were done a day earlier than they said and it was all done well. No security issues either. I would recommend this to anyone who is on the fence, it's cheap and safe.

Jason Kendle
November 07,2011

I am absolutely surprised by this amazing service, not only did they level my toon so quickly they even managed to answer my emails so quickly. Their live talk service was very great too. Thanks a lot guys..

Steven Lomberg
October 25,2011

I was unsure at first which site I should use for a powerleveling service. I'm a college student, and I raid two nights a week in a hardcore guild. Unfortunatly, I only have time to raid two nights a week. My guild needed me to level up a druid for H rag (just for a better comp) but I dont have time so I decided to use a powerleveling service. This was my first purchase of anything like this. I started out with a cheap 6 hour service just to test them out. Within one hour of ordering, they started going to work on my account. They finished the 6 hour powerlevel service approx 7.5 hours after I clicked on submit on payment. Overall, Very pleased with the service, and I will be paying for the rest of the powerleveling to 85 a.s.a.p. Thanks for the great work guys!.

October 17,2011

I just started buying from Guy4Game.com, and i keep coming back! There delivery times are always within the hour for gold and Items are always on time 30 minutes to 24 hours. i must say out of anyone i have used they are keeping me pleased. Thank you Guy4Game! YOU MAKE MY HP WORTH IT!.

Ryan G
October 14,2011

This was my first time ordering powerleveling and i was a bit suss about it ( as we all are ) but now ive made 3 orders with them ( 2 power levels and 5k gold ) and its bloody excellent 10/10. trusty :D.

Zac Harris
October 13,2011

Very satisfied with service, excellant communication, Orders were done in a timely manner. Will have a few other toons powerleveled because the service was so good. Would recommend to any one considering using such a service, You get what you pay for. Job well done guys thanks a lot. :D.

Elizabeth Hardy
October 01,2011

they weren't able to start my order immediately but it was all good because they got the gear on 1 kill. i just wish they will actually let me join the raid for this service.....

September 21,2011

Services was professional and quick. will gladly use them again. Had absolutely no problems. Once they confirmed the order they went right to work and were done well ahead of sheducle..

September 11,2011

Fastest, Safest and best yet. Highly Reccomended..

Ben Cole
September 02,2011

Was hesitant, actually works though..

Brandon Huntington
August 25,2011

Best powerleveling website there is.. Nothing goes wrong. Ever.

August 24,2011