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Guy4Game is by far the BEST powerleveling service i have used, ive used a few. Customer service is fantastic, they completed my order in LESS time than expected, got MORE gold than expected. Customer service was helpful through all my enquiries. A+++ Look no further, Guy4Game is the number 1 powerleveling site!!!.

March 04,2010

Very fast I was scared that they were going to just take my account, but they didn't they got the job done as i read in the order forum!.

January 24,2010

Have purchased WoW gold, an account and powerleveling from this company and am all around very happy with the service. Everything is quick and professional! Definitely recommend!.

Happy Customer
January 18,2010

AMAZING! No joke, this site was so helpful, very polite and on time. You may think these reviews are staged, and these people are set up. DONT BELIEVE ME? heres my email poutine123@hotmail.com ask me if u have any questions. These guys were awesome. End of Story..

Connor F
January 08,2010

At first I stumbled on this site when I first started playing WoW to see if there was any WoW accounts I could buy; I stumbled on this site and I realized that to buy a great account it would be $200+ so I wanted to make sure it wasn't some scam site so I purchased the $10 thing an if it was real I would get what I paid for if not I only lost $10 no big deal it was true and I have been buying lots more of the gold. I then found out of their powerleveling service now I was a bit iffy cause the trade offs were client to supplier but this is giving out your account information so I didn't know if I could get it back so I contacted their 'Live Chat' representative and did the '20 questions' after feeling I could try this without worry I decided to try it out also they said the service could be completed after the course of a 2 day period an I was like "That's incredible" so I decided to go with it and after watching cautiously 2 days later I had received my desired lvl as well as more gold and better gear than I had before!! Thanks G4G I fully plan to continue to use your services in the foreseeable future =].

Tye K
January 06,2010

The powerleveling was so perfect! I was a bit iffy at first about whether or not I should let someone powerlevel me, but I would definitely trust Guy4Game to do it again!!.

December 31,2009

OMG you guys ROCK...purchsed 20K gold and I had it in 1hr...purchased power leveled from 76>80 it was completed in less than 24hrs....the best and cheapest on the Net you service is the greatest. Quick, polite, secure, value for money and as far as I am concerned and my friends who I have told and they now use your service we think you guys ROCK ! keep up the fantastic customer service guys. Have a Very Merry Christmas. Regards VZSSV8.

December 20,2009

I've dealt with other companies, and to be honest, these guys are the best. Seriously never have to worry about bans, or botting. I've watched them level on another account, and can tell they do it completely manually. I would *NEVER* go with another company other than this one... just because it's very hard to trust other websites.. and these guys have never failed me. Keep up the good work!! :).

Nikki W
December 19,2009

Excellent service! Customer support was very friendly and willing to listen to my long list of specific requests. The package I bought included 20k AP and 3 mil Kinah, but when I logged on, I had 9 mil and several blue items on the broker to be sold. It's been over a month and no trouble - I call it a success..

Istal R
December 18,2009

EXCELENT SERVICE. The customer support is amazing and if you want an update on your order you can get one 24/7 via live chat. Powerlevelling took a day longer than i thought but partly because of the new patch. I've also purchased gold three times and it was delievered promptly.

Thomas Herzog
December 13,2009

This service is amazing and fast. It is the best powerleveling company i have used and with the others i was either seeing a very slow process or i got temporary suspension. I reccomend this service to anyone who wants to have a more powerful toon. keep up the great work guys!!.

December 03,2009

I bought powerleveling last night for leveling my toon from 79 to 80. Within 5-6 hours it was completed. Thank you Guy4Game. Fast, reliable..

Andrew Nguyen
November 27,2009

guy4game.com provides an excellent powerleveling service, I recommend it to others and will be more than likely use them again! =D.

November 17,2009

I remember making my first order long ago from a different company called Oforu. It wasn't long before it was banned and I lost about $400. I should've known better. Eventually, I came across this website and was obviously a little iffy about trusting such a service again. But I took the plunge anyway with some small orders and they were accomplished with no trouble. I've never looked back since and always come here to catch up gear-wise as my work makes it difficult to do so. Beforehand, when time was endless, I always raided on my own but lately, I've just been unable to do so. The prices here are good, guy4game is always updating me weekly on items that have or have not been obtained, and they have even tossed in extra items at times. If I ever change my mind on an order or need to cancel, I've yet to have a problem and have always received full refund. I can only hope they remain as great as they are now, in the future. Cheers for a fantastic service =).

November 13,2009

great customer service, the best ive ever encountered anywhere. Also the product was good to.

matt c
November 09,2009

AMAZING! I have done a lot of purchases from other websites within the last month. I have been messed over by quite a few providers. Guy4Game.com has exceeded my expectations. Extremely fast and prompt service and they actually gave more than it was worth! Thanks for everything!.

Matthew P
October 29,2009

G4G is very professional and here to get the job done. I have ordered twice from g4g once for gold (about a 20 min delivery) and once for power leveling (30-45 in about 24 hours). Every time i use g4g i am happy with the product.

Jake B
October 27,2009

These guys are strictly professional and they get the job done in a great amount of time. You dont to worry about anything happening to your account or your toon because they'll take care of you. Heck, when I logged back in I check and saw they had even put some of the items they found in AH and made around 50g for me. Thanks G4G ;).

October 20,2009

Good guys always make sure im happy..

October 19,2009

I've purchases power leveling twice from these guys I've also purchased gold for Aion. Every time they are great. They get it done fast (delivery or power leveling). The Live Chat staff is great. They've put up with me many time. :) They are always helpful and quick to respond and act..

October 17,2009