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Like most I was extremely skeptical as well, I decided to try it and bought a small power-leveling service. Customer Support said it would take roughly 6 hours, I was shocked when I received the email saying it was complete in half that time. I'll definitely be using them again..

August 09,2011

I was real skeptical about ordering with Guy4Game. I had recently before this tried ordering with another leveling company but almost got scammed. Guy4Game is LEGIT. The customer support responds almost immediately answering any questions & concerns I had & also always reassured me that everything will be fine &taken care of, which indeed was. I'm glad I made the decision to get a character leveled with them because I don't have time every day to do hundreds of quests. I just want to get to the high level raiding. I do recommened to use Guy4Game if you're looking for some legit leveling or gear. (Currently waiting on a gear order) All I have to say is thanks Guy4Game. I will be a repeat customer..

Mr Terrell
August 06,2011

Was suspicious of any powerleveling service, however guy4game managed to get my character to level 80 in less than the estimated time and also managed to get my character some of the best gear for my level at the same time. Will definitely use again..

July 04,2011

I've tried different powerleveling sites and gold sites and have been scammed alot but this site is LEGIT and you won't regret it at all. I trust them 100% with my money.

Manuel Espino
June 29,2011

Honestly I didn't think I could trust anyone with my account! But when I finally decided I was sick of leveling and desperate to get to lvl 80 fast, I gave up trying to find stupid bots and all that and decided this place was my best shot. I bought gold from here before but never gave any info on my actual WoW account. When I did go through with it, I was in awe at how fast they did it! (three days ;) Freaking amazing! Gave me updates whenever I asked, or they'd do it on their own frequently. I've said it one and i'll say it again. I will NEVER EVER hesitate to call on their team again. Don't you hesitate either, they will NOT disappoint!.

Philip Boyd
June 27,2011

Best Powerleveling service out here, Great about IP's, and time, finished faster than anticipated, no issues with gear/account security at all, Highly, Highly recommended this service to anyone looking for powerleveling service.

June 16,2011

Best PowerLeveling around no cheaper no faster.

Austin Hobbs
June 04,2011

Great service Really superb. Keep up the good work Guy4Game and thanks a lot.

Urbanus Van Anus
May 27,2011

Very nice!!! Good work!! Fast and impressive. Love this one..

May 14,2011

Very good, fast service..Friendly and polite customer representative : 10/10.

May 07,2011

very fast and reliable. Finished leveling far quicker than estimated time. very satisfied!.

Jake Fukunaga
May 02,2011

i have used guy4game to wow powerlvling i bought a 1-85 package andd they have the greatest service and kindest support ever i highly recomend this site :).

jack price
April 28,2011

hey your site is number 1 best pwrlvling and safest pwrlvling.

April 07,2011

You guys are always there when i needed stuff thanks i will always be your customer:).

Caleb Henry
April 01,2011

Your service is so cooooooool ! I will certainly buy from you again: ).

Smith William
March 29,2011

i will buy for you again, you guys are great.

Chris Bato
March 21,2011

I am very impressed at this company's repeated demonstration of excellent customer service and prompt delivery. I have ordered multiple times including gold and also powerleveling and my expectations have been met every time. I do recommend this company for any of your powerleveling or in-game currency needs..

March 05,2011

I would like to thank Guy4Game. I was a bit hesitant and I thought I would lose my account buy I went with it anyway. I bought a 1-60 package and they did a phenomenal job. It took them about 3.5 days to do it. I even had a friend follow them around and question them, but they handled it professionally and eased them. So I didn't get unintentionally reported. These guys are legit. Once again, I thank you for your service and will most definately be using you all again. Thanks!.

Corey Pearson
February 26,2011

Top-notch powerleveling speed and prices. I highly recommend guy4game for any powerleveling needs you might come across..

February 10,2011

As a first time on this site, I truely loved the service I got and the outcome of my purchase, I have reccomended this site to several people as it is truely the best. (: Thanks, Ash..

January 28,2011