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Fast service, competitive price. Leveled my mage. Did it fast. Did it without any issues. What more can you ask for?.

December 03,2010

WHAT THE HECK!!! G4G IS SOOOOO AWESOME ------------> My estimated time for order completion on about 10M worth of RS items was about 5 days. Guess what. They finished in 2 and a half days. Just. W.T.H. You guys are too good. Hands down. Awesome service too btw; you just got another repeat customer :).

December 02,2010

I had my toon powerlevelled in no time! took barely 2 days!! great service! i seriously do recommend this site to anyone for anything! great job guys, thanks again! u got a life long loyal customer outta me! :D.

November 26,2010

i had two accounts powerleveled and i must say the speed and quickness of the service was impeccable..

steven nguyen
November 09,2010

Guy4Game is one of the best and often cheapest powerleveling concerns i know ( and i know very much! ). The custumer service is nice and firendly too. I will stay buying powerleveling - stuff from you! Greetings from Germany: Daniel.

November 09,2010

I really think this site is brilliant maybe over priced on some of the content but i genrally think this is a decent wow leveling, and gear site, congratulations guys 5 star if i could rate..

tristan cook
October 29,2010

guy4game all am going to say is excellent what an great wedsite for power leveling and gold and service is great.

Dan Robinson
October 23,2010

I purchased Armor for my WoW account. This was my first time trying this, but this site did such an amazing job that I hope it wont be my last time. These guys had the best prices on armor and they went above and beyond what I expected. Not only was the armor recived, but they also gave me all the collected rewards while getting the armor, they got me a new flying mount, and they kept me up to speed the whole time. Trust these guys to treat you right..

Matthew Hammonds
October 04,2010

I loved the speed and professionalism of the workers this company hires. Exceeded my expectations completely and cant wait to use them again!.

Amy Wahl
August 22,2010

This website is one of the bestest websites for helping players in games, can be fully trusted 100% and customer satisfaction is more than great. and thanks for the live chat help specially Nancy & Nina :) best regards.

August 16,2010

Am having power leveling done at the moment and its brilliant.GUYFORGAME let me go ingame eney time i wont and the price. plus all staff are so helpfull will all ways use for gold gears and power leveling thanks a lot guys.:).

August 14,2010

When i ordered my powerleveling on Final fantasy XI 1-40, they did it in 24 hours! and they got me some extra stuff! This website is the best website on the web! Thank you Guy4game.com! You're the best! Plus Nancy is awesome! (:.

Joseph Stock
August 12,2010

GREAT WEBSITE ! , Really pleased with order , finished within 2 days ! And they also left me some runescape money for myself ! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Billy Davies
August 10,2010

Wow, this company is by FAR the most reliable MMO product supplier on the web to date. They are allways efficient and offer competitive prices on all their products. I've ordered multiple WoW and RuneScape items from guy4game and they have all been delivered without and trouble. Thanks alot to all guy4game staff for making my MMO career that much easier! :P.

July 23,2010

The service from guy4game is impeccable and exceeded my expectations. I bought a number of shadowmourne chain quests and the order was completed within a day, even though the estimated time was 1-2weeks! This is such an excellent outcome that i would not hesitate to use their services again in the near future..

July 23,2010

Excelent service, great contact support, I am more than satisfied. Very grateful and no doubt I will order again very soon. Keep up the good work, mantain the great level of quality. Thank you very much..

July 12,2010

Try this amazing guide out!!! Ive gotten 3 characters all the way to level 80 extremely FAST!!.

Yenko Emelianenko
July 08,2010

I have ordered powerleveling twice and on both occasions they delivered within the estimated time! perfect customer service an an email every 24 hours to keep me up to date on the progress. Well done!.

happy buyer
June 30,2010

I ordered power leveling the other day and all I can say is WOW. they have been working hard on my order. I've ordered elsewhere and didn't receive nearly the support I did here. Customer Service is excellent, they answered all my questions in a timely matter. Thank-you guys so much. Expect more business from me in the future:).

Brandon Veeder
June 21,2010

I have used these guys for 1,000$ of dollars in leveling/gear services over the years. They are professional and always give the best service. I've never been banned and always had good luck with every order. You should really try them. I've tried other services before G4G and they failed me and even resulted in bans. G4G delivers and are polite and professional. you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain with g4g and you'll fall in love with your first order then come back again and again just like I have..

Joe Florida
May 29,2010