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Just wanna give a shoutout to the guys and gals working at guy4game. Legit place to get plvl and gold.. Having played wow since vanilla, I no longer feel the urge of making another toon on top of my other toons. Especially, now that I have other priorities which take me away from the game. Using guy4game is indeed a blessing. Don't fret, these people are solid and very professional. I would use them again, and I have and will continue to recommend their services. Great job and keep it up!.

David Trinh
August 05,2012

Best service i have EVER seen. Fast, Reliable, Helpful, On-Time. Amazing, I love the service I was very impressed with my account getting powerleveled. guy4game will be the only site I go to for my WoW needs..

Tyler Switzer
August 04,2012

you guys are Legends, i was a bit worried at the start when i started to buy gold now and then, but when i did the power leveling it was amazing and safe and the speed that you guys do this stuff in is amazing. keep up the good work!!!!.

August 03,2012

Amazing service, very professional with the transactions. I have and will recommend Guy4Game to anyone who wants the best in power-leveling/game gold..

Dark One
August 03,2012

i used power leveling service and very happy with service, they updated me everyday and even finished before time :) thanks guys.

August 02,2012

I understand the doubt and hesitation one would feel when deciding to try a service that requires anyone other than yourself logging into your account. I admit I was hyper paranoid, took screenshots of each of my characters prior to my order and kept a meticulous record of everything; gear, gold, items in my bank - you name it. But after having ordered gold from Guy4Game for years without any hiccups, I decided to take the leap to a gear and mount package because I felt I had enough of a level of trust with this company and tell you what - I trust them wholly. Not only did nothing go missing or having the account stolen right from under me (as most of us would fear) but they finished it within 8 days, when I was expecting at least 3 weeks. So if you were like me, hovering over that "Buy Now" button, I say if you really want it, get it - they deliver on their promises and deliver it in an efficient manner. They'll also notify you daily whenever progression to your order has been made, which for those of us who are a bit jumpy about it all will lessen the paranoia. Now time to order one last mount before MoP comes out :).

July 31,2012

if anyone says anything nice about this lot .... i totally agree efficient friendly and they keep there promises 1000% all the way...

July 30,2012

I used this site to level a shaman in world of warcraft. 11 days later i had a level 85 shaman. I also logged the power leveler off a few times on accident, he was friendly and professional. great company and the only site i trust for my gaming needs!.

July 06,2012

To anyone reading these testimonials trying to figure out whether or not to buy guy4game service DO IT! After ordering 60m on Runescape without any problems and good customer service/fast delivery, I had no doubt in my mind that I could trust this site with my account for powerleveling! I ordered the rhino cape and within the hour they started my order. Its advertised that the order takes 12 hours but they finished in 5 and by the time I woke up this morning I had it when I logged in and everything on my account was fine! TRUST ME these testimonials aren't fake and you will be VERY pleased with their services! The only bad thing is that now I keep wanting to order more things and I'm eventually going to run out of money -.-.

June 20,2012

Guy4Game is the best DAOC powerlevel service you can get hands down! ordered a plvl from them within a hour they were on it and done in 1 hour! they're def the pros. will only do business with them from now on... STAY away from IGXE =).

David Johnson
June 07,2012

This site is friggen amazing. I have purchase an account, Trade skills (which work like a dream) and WoW Gold!!! EVERYTHING comes in a timely manner, and live chat people are very nice. Keep up the good work g4g, you have a customer for life!.

John Doe
May 06,2012

At first i wasn't to sure about buying a power level package, but talking to them about it, i got to know how it worked, and was surprised with the results! 50-85 Finished within a few days, was so surprised how fast it was, thank you so much guy4game.com!!.

Hayden Campbell
April 20,2012

I Brought Powerleveling Earlier On In The Week(Level 76-80) It Was Very Cheap And Very Fast,Its Not A Scam And I Trust Them With My Account,Gonna Buy Gold Soon!.

April 11,2012

These guys are the best and they have an even better support staff guiding you through the process of your purcahse, i have spent well over $1000 in the last 2 months and will continie comming back because of the great service..

April 04,2012

They Rock. Not only did they start on my account right away they finished with in a few hours. I will never go to another plvl site again..

jeremy Billiter
March 29,2012

I'm not a bot writing over here, i'm a famous gamer but sometimes I still use this, this is a very good site. Work is fast and fantastic, they do everything how its told by. No scamming or risks, have been now over one year a loyal customer..

March 29,2012

I was new to the whole power leveling thing, but a friend recommend guy4game. i went on and they got me from 70 to 85 in a matter of 4 days just like they said they would. I trust their site i personaly think its 100% safe, they gave me updates on my character on a daily bases and stressed i take security measures reassuring me that they are a legitamite bussiness. i give Guy4game a 10 out of 10. i am Overwhelmed by the amount of live support and help they were for my first time. I am definatly a loyal customer now. Thank you Guy4Game.

March 17,2012

I bought level one strength to 99 strength! And guess what? THey did it. In an amazing amount of time.. I think it was 3 days? Thank you so much!.

thanks ENJOYED
March 15,2012

I love guy4game. I have been using them for gold and leveling on multiple games. They are cheap and the most secure people. I trust them with my accounts for powerleveling. They have never got me banned EVER. I give them a 10/10 On all their services. I highly recommend you buy from them..

February 21,2012

I love guy4game. I have been using them for gold and leveling on multiple games. They are cheap and the most secure people. I trust them with my accounts for powerleveling. They have never got me banned EVER. I give them a 10/10 On all their services. I highly recommend you buy from them..

February 21,2012