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Free Substitute Character BETA is opening. Since this service is in beta stage, the rules and conditions are subject to change. Currently this service only applies to customers who have Gear orders with guy4game. Please READ the following conditions carefully.


  • You are Guy4game customer.
  • You have at least one gear order that is in the process of being power leveled. Satisfy the selection conditions:
  • Gear Order Price($) Selecting Account Price($) Valid Period (Month)
    >1000 1000 2
    500-1000 500 1.5
    300-500 300 1
  • One substitute character per customer only, even if you have several orders. The substitute character choice cannot be changed once chosen.

Terms of Service:

Please read the below to clearly understand your rights and responsibilities while using our free substitute character service.

  • Play spending: Most of the accounts don’t have prepaid time. As long as you play the account, if you want to transfer server, open a new patch, and time card, you will have to pay for them yourself.
  • Security: Please don’t break the game TOS while using the account. Don’t lend the account to anyone, because frequent IP changes alert Blizzard.
  • Keep the original: Character and gear are not to be altered or destroyed. The Character will be checked upon return for damages and unauthorized changes.
  • Compensation: You responsible for the loss caused by false using. We will evaluate the loss and reserve the right to charge you for it
  • Purchasing opportunity: You can buy the substitute account you are using. Ask us for the super low price.
  • Order guarantee: This service acts as a security deposit for your gear order. If anything happens to your own character, we will offer this character as compensation.

Terms of Service:

  • Read the application requirement carefully to make sure that you meet the entire requirement.
  • Read the TOS carefully, to make sure you are aware of your responsibilities should loss or damage occur.
  • After you submit your request you will receive a reply via email within 24 hours.
  • If you qualify the account name and password will be send to you via email.
  • If your gear order is completed or cancelled, or you don’t want to use the substitute character anymore, please return the account to us by sending an email to sales@guy4game.com.

If you had confirmed that you meet all the requirements above, please click "continue" for the next operation.