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What's WoW Account?

We only sell the character with all gear, mounts, pets and achivements obtained.

WoW Standard Account Purchase Process

1. Choose the account you want to buy.
2. Contact our Livechat after placing order and create an account under the same First Name and Last Name of our account.
3. Transfer the character to your new registered account, complete the transcation.
4. Delivery: 30mins - 24 hrs (to ensure smooth transcation, please contact us between EST:4:00pm-6:00am).

Why Choosing Guy4game WoW Standard Account

1.No recall risk

All wow accounts are created by Guy4game, you will be the only owner of the acquired account.

2.Merge Battle.net

The account is built by the first name and last name you provided to finally merge it with your own Battle.net account.

3.More Than 10 Years Trade Reputation Warranty in Virtual Market

During the past 10 years Guy4game has sold more than 50,000 accounts. All our customers enjoy our great service and many people have recommended us to their friends.

4.Satisfaction Guarantee

Professional team provide a 24 hour service for you and it takes 24-48 hours to complete your order, 100% trustable and safe. You can ask for a full refund any time before delivery done.

Kindly Reminder

Please double check the character information entered is correct before you submit the order.

Customer Testimonials

Very good service, contacted by chat quick and helpful. Delivery as promised and in only 30 min. I will use this site again.
Serge Barrett
June 14,2024
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