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Simple to use, and easy to deal with..

Kyle Winn
September 02,2021

Always fast and friendly. Very trustworthy. Would recommend this site over other..

Keem Tob
January 12,2021

very good i like the service..

Jarrett West
July 18,2020

A+ excellent service thank you.

Cylerco Ny
April 03,2020

Received purchase in less than ten minutes Thanks..

Jon Teerse
June 08,2019

Very trustworthy ! Highly recommend..

Robert Brown
March 22,2019

perfect. couldnt ask for easier and faster.

Patricia Jaram
March 11,2019

Great service. Very Fast..

Maxime Smith
January 03,2019

A++ As Usual.

Nelson Brown
October 22,2018

A very trustworthy and prompt seller, very satisfied..

matthew greider
October 21,2018

Perfect and fast transaction every time :) Thanks!.

Happy Customer
September 15,2018

I've been using guy4game for years; always had a good experience..

August 03,2018

Fast and easy.

Ryan crawford
September 22,2017

I've used Guy4Game several times for credits and they have delivered 100% of the time, no delays. Great service! If you're skeptical about it just open up a live chat, as if they're currently busy and ask about their stock in your particular game to verify they have what you want before ordering. they will most likely have what you want. Again, great service would recommend 10/10.

Nick Bishop
April 11,2017

Hello guys! I'm Pete for short! I have been using Guy4Game like since like 2013. I have to say. they are so fast like no joke! and so kind! I was afraid of getting banned by swtor for buying credits, but they really dont care! No joke! I even called their phone support and asked them and the woman was like - As long as you like the game and log in, we thank you, other than that, its your account.- Like woah dude! They dont even care :D so i always buy creds from this site. like think about it, why would i farm for 2 hours for 1mil credits when i can pay like a small fee and get like 8mil. think about it :D . peace im out!.

November 01,2016

Fast deliver, all positive and definetely gonna use this seller again..

James Pawluk
July 23,2016

quick face to face all good!.

No Sparks
July 14,2016

When i ordered, the ISK was out of stock, there was no notice of this, so I contacted customer support, They told me it was out of stock, obviously i was annoyed by this, so they offered to add an extra 20M to my order for free. It took 18 hours to get my order however. I will probably use this service agian. Good customer service Good price. Bad time..

June 23,2013

The purchase was difficult from the beginning, with lots of extra info needed before guy4game would process my order, but I was paying by credit card and a first time customer so I understand their need to cover themselves. However, I wasn't pleased to find out that I wasn't "buying ISK" as the site proclaims, but rather items worth a certain amount of ISK. Now I've got to make 28 jumps to Jita to collect my items, then go through the hassle of selling them myself! Sarah in live chat explained that it's to protect my account from being banned, but telling customers upfront what they're buying would be a better idea I think. :-/.

April 09,2013

Fast delivery. Nice support. Perfect..

December 27,2012