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I bought a large sum of isk from guy4game.com and was extremely pleased. The customer service, order process, and delivery were all wonderful and quick. This is by far the best website I have used yet out of roughly 7-8 different websites. My quick little story goes like this..I bought eve isk from two other websites and they both did not deliver at all after 7 and 10 days with no refund yet. I gave up on them, came across this website. I started chat and immediantly noticed the operator "Zoie" knew english well and was friendly and courteous, so I asked about thier stock, they said they had it. I ordered, while staying in chat the whole time, gave them the order number..delivered the whole large sum within 15 minutes(which is good for the amount of isk I ordered). I would recommend this website to anyone looking to buy over any others. The only thing I cannot comment on is the prices as I have not research and compared other sites to this one..

January 03,2010

GUY4GAME IS THE BEST!!! Once again i am here and as i say befor on my previous Testimonial's very fast coustomer service from start to end. Love you Guy4game you know how to make you customer's Happy. :) wish you all the best and a Happy Hollydyas. Chears Sam.

December 18,2009

Dear Friends All i have to say is that, i am here for the secound time. i order 1,575M in Isk's amd i have to tell you. after one hour i got a phone call telling me to come online and get my Isk's. thats amazing fast, and amazing Customer service. Thanks to Linda, and Nina and for who's reading this. stop reading and order NOW. :) thank you Guy4Game ill be back again Best Regards Sam.

December 16,2009

Absolutely best customer service! Contacted me over the phone (as requested) within an hour of ordering notifying me to prepare to receive goods. I had my ISK in just under 2 hours of ordering. Definitely recommended!.

December 09,2009

I have to say a great and professinal service. I have tried a few web sights before hand to get eve isk and after a week of bickering with them about thier false advertisement and not yet receiving the isk I finally had to go for a refund either through them or through my credit card company because of getting nothing but the run around. I came to Guy4game thinking this might yet be another one I have to wait for a week and just settle for getting my money back, but I was wrong. I asked before hand if Guy4game had isk they truthfully told me no. (Unlike other web sights stating they had eve isk on handand a week later having to fight with them to get a refund) And they said they can have it for me soon. So I gave it a try and they had it to me in less then a day. It was a no hassle experiance and very professional. I will be using Game4guy for my future isk buys again. Thanks Game4guy for being my Eve Isk provider and for a truly great experiance!!!!.

December 08,2009

For any one who read this, i have to say i got an Amazing service for start to End. great customer service, now i can buy the ship of my dreams thank you guys, i will be back again for sure and will send others to you Chears Sami.

December 02,2009

Very fast and helpful, great service nearly instant service/delivery. after failing to order from brogame (which i guess is a blessing) found guy4game. :) Thanks!.

hamad colak
July 30,2009

Prompt , couteous , and guaranteed..

JASON cole
July 13,2009

As promised i got the Eve isks in 2 hours, perfect customer care! Thank you.

Don Cohn
May 31,2009

WOW you know, that has put my mind at rest, you have given me hope for ISK sellers!thanks a lot! i shall be telling my friend to use your site from now on thanks for the help!.

Fender collins
March 24,2009

You guys did a great job! It was fast, and I am very pleased.

Raydizzle sarkisian
February 17,2009

Ok I thought I would throw in my 2 cents here. I bought 500m ISK for Eve Online earlier tonight. Right after I ordered, I hit the "live help" button to see how long it might be, how I would get it, and if it was indeed in stock already. The guy told me it is usually 2-5 hours and that they didn't have the stock already. I thanked him politely for his answers and got back to playing. No more than five minutes later, I see my wallet blinking with an extra 500m ISK than before. Excellent..

Gareth Cluts
January 21,2009

thank you so much you guys are the best! this is why i tell all my friends about you guys.

Jason Collins
January 03,2009

"Thank you! This kind of customer service makes me want to do business with Guys4Games again in the future!".

Derek combs
September 15,2008

Didn't even know i got the 200m bonus so not a problem. Pleasent surprise - thanks - just wanted to say i have used several services over the past few days and you guys were the best.

shawn Collins
June 23,2008

Thanks, for you quick and courteous service.Have a nice week!.

Derek combs
February 12,2008

My first currency buying experience went very badly, resulting in me losing my money, so I was hesistant to use another site. However GUY4GAME was a much needed change. The site looks great, and it is easy to navigate. The prices were fairly reasonable and while the stock for some games (EVE online) could use some work, they had a great selection. The online submission form was a bit clunky with odd fields such as "drop off time" etc, but after the order was complete I was suprised by the level of customer service. They emailed right away showing the status of my order, and shortly after they informed me they would phone to confirm the order. Because of the time zone difference, I asked to change the time. The representative was very polite and informed me I could do it anytime provided I emailed first. After that delivery was prompt. Gets a "Very Good" from me..

Todd Cobb
June 21,2007