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thanks for the isk helped alot thanks again.

August 01,2011

this is the first time that ive used this site or any site to buy eve isk and i would again if needed their customer service is great and also i didnt have to wait that long to get the isk that i brought.

mark wilson
July 31,2011

I had a issue with item trade in for Eve isk BUT customer service was with me the whole time and was an amazing help after a while I was able to get the amount I paid for. The live service is top-notch and made my whole experience a lot better. Total win in my book good job Guy4Game!.

Rafael Mendez
July 08,2011

G4g RUlex!!! i got my 500 mil ISK in less than an hour and the best of all.....GM didnt notice!!!!. Now i want more isk and its probably i buy more when i finish to write this. PD....this site its the best for real.

Eve Player
May 27,2011

Really nice service. I've tested few other isk shops but i got scammed/cought by GM. Buying here is safe and even if they dont have isks at the moment of putting your order they will ask you to wait and then even call you when your isks will be ready to deliver. 5/5 from me :).

May 20,2011

Super safe delivery method that are chosen by me are no problem for those guys :) Im happy every time i get in touch with them ... Im not playing much so i need ISK to keep up with corporation members in game so that solution of buying ISKs is perfect for me. I highly recommend this web site :).

March 15,2011

Very good to deal with, great service and fast delivery, will be using these guys again.

Ben Manguy
February 10,2011

Very good and prompt service. Very simple procedure to order what you need. Will be repeating my order in the future..

January 24,2011

I started playing this game yesterday. I wanted to give myself a boost to buy a bigger ship. I bought 525M. The price is fair, and compared to some others, about the same. Someone contacted me shortly in game, but had a problem transferring to my account. He referred me to customer service online, and it was fixed in a couple minutes. This really pays for itself. Why pay $14.95 each month for a subscription? Get 525M ISK, buy the 30 Day PLEX, and still have 125M left over. I'll be back..

D Burgess
December 29,2010

Ok, so you're reading this thinking, "Oh gee... is this site legit? Am I about to get scammed? I sure would like some ISK, but I'm not a baller and I just got paid, I dunno, maybe I won't make rent, but this game is my life and... and.... if I DON'T get this ISK I'm SCREWED!" Rest easy my friend. Breathe deep. Maybe, like me, you found this site by looking up reviews for Gold selling sites (that's what I did, since EvE ISK isn't as easy to find as WoW gold is, so I looked for sites with good WoW ratings hoping I'd find one that carried ISK. That's how I got here.) So, how much did I buy? The 5bil (with %5 bonus). I even found an coupon (I thought, 'Hey, I'll google guy4game coupons' and lo-and-behold, I found one. Gave me %5 off my total). The process was smooth, very smooth, easier than Amazon. But when I didn't get my ISK within 2 minutes I wondered why there was a delay (I'm extremely impatient). I popped on the chat function of the site and the wait wasn't too bad, maybe 5minutes (I assume they're very busy). Nancy got on and was very easy to understand, she wrote fine English and there was NO confusion at any point. Right away she had someone get on and give me 1bil. I asked when I might get the rest and she told me as soon as possible. When she told me "within 24 hours" I didn't mind too much. But she stayed with me, told me she was checking, and within 10 more minutes I had the rest AND a little extra. All-in-all if I ever want ISK again you had better believe I'll be going through G4G again. I wish I could give you some way to contact me if you had question, buuut I'm a little paranoid that CCP might look at these and ban me. So just take it from a fellow capluleer when I say that this is the site you want for ISK..

December 16,2010

Delivered as promised. Would use again! :D.

November 17,2010

Very fast also very good comunication customer service. Will use your service again in the future. Thank you.

October 19,2010

Quick delivery of 1 bil isk... time to go shopping..

Check it out
August 29,2010

Used this site for the first time to buy EVE ISK and will be coming back, easy site to use, prompt delivery. Thanks..

August 27,2010

The order process was so much simpler here, I didn't have to deal with any BS.. My order came within a hour! Great service, low hassle..

Jim Tarvin
August 23,2010

First time buying eve isk online, received an email saying the gold was in stock and could I open up live chat to confirm, Glance at eve and I have a chat invite, Got the isk in 3 minutes after email telling me it was in stock. Very good customer service and Very easy to use..

August 22,2010

Fast n safe. Coustomer service reps were fast in their replies. Two thumbs up!!!!.

July 21,2010

I just ordered 800m isk from guy4game, and within minutes of ordering it, got on the live chat and was delivered my product within 30 minutes, great customer service and speed. will come back for any future isk purchase, would recommend this service to anyone that is considering buying eve isk.

John Wayne
April 26,2010

I recently purchased 1,000 Million ISK (1 Billion) worth of money from guy4game.com, and from start to finish-the results were perfect! I would defiantly consider purchasing ALL of my in-game money from guy4game.com in the future. The Customer Service that I was given was very kind and polite! Also, because of it, it allowed me to get my money within a few minutes!.

Brandon Johnson
March 17,2010

Very pleased with Guy4Game.com, Extraordinary service, Order was completed with ease and received the ISK within a few minutes. Thank you very much..

Zarki Salleh
January 20,2010