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Buying kinah first time on this site. I'm fully satisfied! Good prices and fast delivery, nice custumer support. Thank you guys! Great job!.

January 12,2015

been buying Aion Kinah for years, they always come thru. They are not instant delivery anymore but if you wait, they are safe to use..

August 27,2014

I purchased gold for aion last night on here and it came the next morning! it was very quick and safe, im looking forward to buying from guy4game again if i want to get more gold 'u'!.

August 06,2014

I've always been pleased with G4G's service. :) Whenever their stock is low, they compensate with extra gold. Their prices are the best too! My go-to for goldbuying..

February 16,2014

Well, actually it didn't come but they aren't a scam site because they refunded me. Maybe they were out of stock or something... But I ordered from here multiple time previously with no problem. They are safe but not always under 24 hour quick. Still, great deals and its not a scam..

Happy Panda
October 29,2013

I recently purchased gold from here. As i was really scared because i purchased from another site that had scammed me. guy4game took a whole day to get my gold, and i must say i really am impressed. This website did not scam me. at times they may not deliver within 15 mins to 6 hrs but thats because you need to ask if they have it in stock before. They are really honest yesteerday that help online did tell me they did not have it in stock. But i ordered it as they said when they finished gathering it will be sent to mail. And they really did sent it. I felt so happy that they really do what they say. I really love this website and will continue to order more aion kinah from them. They will not cheat you..

October 22,2013

Reliable and safe, just sometimes takes a little bit long. Took over a week for mine to come, but don't go to other sites because the is the only one thats not a scam.

Happy Panda
October 07,2013

I really love these guys! Not only do they deliver, they keep total track of what you received and when you got it! :D.

Denise Parker
October 01,2013

I religiously order from Guy4Game. They are fast, and professional. Never had any problems and will continue using their services..

September 27,2013

I bought 50kk last night and got it by the time I woke up the next day. Nice service, thank you so much~.

August 20,2013

Very reliable kinah dealer. A pleasure to do business with Guy4Game..

August 16,2013

great service, gold comes fast no complaints here :).

August 13,2013

I am very impressed with Guy4Game......Fist time customer and very satisfied. It took less than 45 min. to fill my order. I will be back to do more with them. Thanks again, a very happy camper..

Happy Camper
August 04,2013

The best customer support ever! Followed by a smooth and fast transaction. Was told to wait 6-12 hours, but arrived within an hour. Recommend those who don't have time to farm or play long hours for your money! Purchase from these people!.

July 27,2013

Guy4Game promised me they would send the items face to face and they held their promise. They gave me an extra bonus for having a delay for no stock. I was scared at first but every time I checked in the chat to see how the order was going they told me they will have it soon. I patiently waited and they delivered. I requested something special and they held on to that. They can even send you a text on your phone. The service was very good, helpful, and kind. I will come back again to buy more..

Aion Gamer2013
July 23,2013

got rift platinum promptly as advertised ! thank you.

andras szabo
July 20,2013

The most that I love is the great communication. You feel there is some one that cares... It mite some times take some time but they always make it worth the wait. One way or the other..

April 11,2013

Order received a little bit later than usual but I was well informed and kept up to date through the whole process. They paid extra to make up for the dealy. Very satisfied customer.

February 26,2013

I've purchased from Guy4Game 3 times already and have never had any problems. The first time the delivery was really quick, around 1-3 hours after payment. The 2nd and 3rd time I purchased it took a lot longer, almost the full 24 hours. There is not a whole lot of communication between the in-game suppliers of kinah and the actual customer service people...it's very frustrating at times because they can't give you an update on your order since they can't communicate with the suppliers in-game. Despite all that though, they always manage to pull through and deliver!.

February 21,2013

safe and secure i will always buy guy4game :D they are the best.

alan edwards
January 15,2013