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I have to say, these people are good to order from compared to other kinah farmers. Pros : Delivery has never been wrong amount, i usually get face to face trade and the person trading with me is usually higher than lvl 40, some of the best prices that i have seen, customer service is F-ing awesome, if they are late on delivery they throw in extra kinah - last time i got 600k extra for being a day late, most importantly they are safe and reliable. Cons: delivery time is not as fast as one would like ( the longest i have waited was close to 2 days). sometimes they get the order wrong concerning the delivery method ( 2 different times i wanted face to face delivery and i got mailed my kinah). Also, the live chat takes forever when u ask them if there is kinah available (I once waited nearly 30 minutes for a reply) and that's about it. Overall, I would recommend these people to anyone!!!! love Sally buckinghamster-bater.

Sally Buckinghamster-bater
June 14,2010

30 mins --mmm still waiting after 48 hours genuine as i`ve used before but slow.

May 26,2010

I"am very happy with guy4game they have been on time with gold everytime, very pleased i would recomened thease guys id give them a 10 for efficency and great delivery. thank you guy.

April 29,2010

My third time buying from this company, and still look forward to buying from them in the future. They are trustworthy and delivered within a couple hours each time. Thank you Guy4Game!.

April 26,2010

I just bought my Kinah, and even though i don't have it yet, i have to say the purchase has been rather delightful. Cindy replied to em very quickly, and explained they did not have the Kinah in stock, but she was so nice i could care less :D.

February 19,2010

I have never even heard of this site and was a bit skeptical about buying kinah from here, but they were rather cheap than most sites. After buying 10mil of kinah and getting it withing 20 minutes I realized these guys were the real deal! I've spent over $300 here now on Aion kinah and I'm still going to buy more, I highly recommend buying from this site as it is the best I have found yet! Aion kinah is always received very fast, I've waited an hour the most. Their customer support is great and fast, and very nice. I recommend everyone to buy from here!.

Roy M
January 31,2010

The service was reliable. They delivered as promised. It did take a few extra days though and made me loose out on an item i was trying to buy. Otherwise they were very compitent..

January 25,2010

Where to begin.. I am a repeat user of this site and continue to be 100% satisfied with both the product and service. I have recommended G4G to all my friends both from Aion and other games and all plan to use them aswell.. To any cautious buyers, or newbies... you can fell safe making a purchase with G4G and I can assure you that you'll be a happy customer... =) Thanks again guys.. And thank you Rachel for being awesome lol....

.... =) ....
January 12,2010

As a now repeat user of this site, I am so impressed with the service I had to write a positive review. Guy4Game is soooo awesome.. Would definately recommend them to anyone. Delivery of goods is always fast and customer service it beyond great.. Thanks again G4G you rock!!!.

hehe... =)
January 07,2010

I am new to purchasing In-game products online, and to be honest I was very wary about this being a scam and having my account hacked. Fortunately Guy4Game have been outstanding, their service has been nothing but exceptional, the online chat feature was very informative and useful. I intially purchased the smallest amount of Kinah for my account and after complete satisfaction with the results I will be purchasing more as soon as I finish this review. In regards to the speed of my transaction, after my payment was made I had the Kinah mailed to me in less than an hour. Cant get much better than that. =) I honestly cannot stress enough how happy I am with Guy4Game.. I am very much planning on being a long time user of this site.. =) Thanks again..

Simon Guest
January 06,2010


aaaaa aaaaa
December 31,2009

Used this service many times, and was delighted by it. However I dont think I will continue to do so after the price of Aion Gold has recently Doubled, V dissapointing G4G - been using your service for years feel duped that you felt the need to do this..

Jay Laing
December 06,2009

I'm impressed, i ordered a good amount of Kinah and after contacting live help (as suggested) i got all my kinah (in 2 separate chunks) within minutes! Live help honestly warned me at first that at the moment not all kinah was available but that they will have been contacting me as soon as the rest was available. After not more than 5 mins all the rest arrived ... outstanding!.

John Doe
November 19,2009

Guy4Game.com is the place to go for MMO currency or powerleveling. For gold, they deliver quickly, no questions asked or annoying phone calls. I'll always shop here for my MMO needs..

Kell** S*****
November 03,2009

:) Delivered safe and sound. A little late, but they were out of stock so that was fine. First time buying gold, and after reading the great reviews from this website - I gave it a try. I'm definitely glad I tried the guy4game site and not some other!.

November 01,2009

every person that i chated with was very friendly and fast 24/7 chat realy makes a difference..i'll be a member here for awhile.

michael williamson
October 31,2009

Fast. Professional Service. Anynomus. (even polite). /tesii.

October 28,2009

Very fast delivery. I don't think I even closed out there home page and the kinah was in my in game in box..

Bewb Toob
October 23,2009

Delighted with the product they provide. It has not been the 1st time I have used this company to buy gold or Powerlevel. Purchased for Daoc, Warhammer and now Aion. Trusted and polite service. I have to add there was a two day delay to my gold collection, however I was constantly put at ease with their friendly staff, the delay was due to the crack down and banning on certain servers. Still two days to get what you want in game is not a lot to ask for - I will use G4G again. Keep up the good work!.

Der** John****
October 17,2009

Very professional , gold delivered as promised in less than 20 minutes AAA+++.

October 09,2009