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Guy4Game is the best - I bought an account from these guys YEARS ago, and today, for the second time in those 5 years, I've gotten locked out because of my own stupidity. I just hopped on the online chat on their home page and 10 minutes later they'd accessed their records and helped me sort everything out. I would never have expected such amazing customer service and I just wanted to write this as my way of saying thanks. You guys are really awesome and I wish you all the best!.

December 01,2015

Very good account. Very good company. 10/10..

JR Smith
November 12,2014

When I first stumbled across this website I was a bit nervous as many websites out there scam. I did some research and all the reviews our there were amazing. I then noticed how uniform the accounts were and I was impressed. When I ordered the account i had the password in about 30 minutes. The account was suspended but guy4game.com was able to send me ALL the required information for the account and I was able to secure the account. This website is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone out there looking for quality and secure accounts. They are fast and efficent..

John Doe
May 08,2013

amazing site!.

ashur Mooshiabad
December 03,2012


Brent Goff
December 03,2012

have purchaced accounts from g4g and used them for about 3 yrs or so, and always had great service from them, they are the ultimate proffessionals, powerleveling services are always done on time and proffessionally.

donald bass
November 17,2012

Great service, excellent speed, overall I will be coming back every time..

Dustin K
June 21,2012

I purchased an account from guy4game about 3 years ago. and i haven't stopped using it since! Great services. Great deals. I would recommend it to anyone over any other site.

June 11,2012

I wasn't sure about buying a WoW account from guy4game.com at first but the account is amazing i had to gear it because the gear it came with was 50/50 but the character is amazing. Setup amazingly, great for tanking and dps..

April 21,2012

the guy before me, you need to talk to live chat and check your email....

gaga lolol
April 02,2012

How do i get the account i just bought?.

Wyatt Purvance
March 31,2012

I love guy4game.com, So far I bought a lvl 80 undead priest, and 55,000 gold. I got the account in a couple of hours (GREAT) and the gold right after! now i'm buying $174.00 of gold and a blood elf paladin with a 21.00 discount! Awesome prices and customer service guys keep up the good work!.

John Ackerman
March 24,2012

i love buying from guy4games.com they are quick and easy to talk 2 all their accounts are at great prices. i always do business with them thank you guy4game..

bob builder
February 04,2012

ive bought to amazing well geared accounts on here that have been cheap and amazing i love guy4game.com they are cheap and i the merchandise is awesome.

b grubz
December 20,2011

WOW what can i say, i have purchased not only an account through guy4game i have also got gear for my toons too, everythjing has been delivered well in there est time, and had great customer service aswell. Im currently getting my 2nd toon powerleveled through guy4game and aswell as getting u good gear for your toon along the way they also make sure your dual talent is geared aswell. Since im on WOW everyday my friends have watched me go through the process with guy4game and they have also now purchased wow accounts and gear and are continueing to purchase through guy4game. Honestly why would i write anovel here on guy4game unless i thought they were the real deal. Cheers for your service guy4game and keep up the good work. Also a big thanks to the customer service live chat team absolute great service. CraigA.

Craig A
November 14,2011

Guy4Game has awesome service. They email you right after payment and they are great with communication. I had my account within 30 minutes of sending the payment. They are very helpful and make you feel very secure about your purchase. Best site ever.

October 05,2011

Bought an RS account about an hour ago and loving it! Will recommend to all my Friends! 5 Stars and 2 Thumbs Up! Thanks Guy4Game!.

September 17,2011

Recently, i have had a lot of problems with ordering. Matthew has been there every time and has helped me a GREAT deal, i definitely recommend him if your having problems..

John Hall
September 17,2011

I‘ve bought accounts and had power leveling services from guy 4 game and they have come through flawlessly every time. They did such a good job leveling up a rogue I wanted for cata, I wanted to write a review. A happy customer for 4+ years. Thanks!.

lucky lucky
August 19,2011

Ive bought gold, accounts, and had power leveling services from guy 4 game and they have come through flawlessly every time. They did such a good job leveling up a rogue I wanted for cata, I wanted to write a review. A happy customer for 4+ years. Thanks!.

August 19,2011