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This has been a week of hassles trying to buy an account. i tried 3 different websites before guy4game. one of them scammed me, one would not accept my paypal for whatever reason and the other one was having so many technical diffuculties that there was just no way to purchase. I came to guy4game after browsing forums for a good site. found an account i liked, and paid. then it was litterally almost instant i got login details. Fastest website i have ever seen. The customer service rep "john" was extremely helpful and stayed with me through the whole process. I would never ever buy another account unless it was from guy4game. I am blown away with the efficiency, cheap prices, and outstanding customer service. 2 thumbs up, 5 stars keep it up!.

August 19,2011

Ive bought gold, accounts, and had power leveling services from guy 4 game and they have come through flawlessly every time. They did such a good job leveling up a rogue I wanted for cata, I wanted to write a review. A happy customer for 4+ years. Thanks!.

berin riley
January 04,2011

Bought a wow account from these guys. Got everything. Really speedy service. Purchased gold from them in the past, really fast with most within 20mins delivery..

Steve Greggs
January 03,2011

The customer serivce is top notch. The chat agent, Lora, guided me through step by step when I had problems with my order. She made it very clear what needed to be done and even gave me a discount when I had to pay more. This site is great and it's staff is amazing. Highly recommended for anyone purchasing accounts. Thank you Guy4Game!.

Joel Hewitt
December 26,2010

they are great i was scared like sum of u but the send password and login info within 5 mins and rest of info in 24 hrs its great easy fast i would totally recomend this to anyone looking for a wow account.

tyler ashley
December 09,2010

The character was great, and I received the information within 24hours. Would definitely recommend to my friends. Thanks guy4game..

1 Anonymity
September 15,2010

I have bought a Great account from Guy4game.com and a whole lot of gold. I must say that i am really saticfied by the staff and for the char. Thx keep up the good work..

Daniel Nilsson
June 11,2010

Just bought an account, i love it!. totally recomend them, they are very helpfull and they make their own accounts so its 100% all yours once you buy it! buy from guy4game. worth it!.

May 30,2010

I have been using guy4games for a while now I have not only bought a wow account from them but DIY also never had a problem not even with once. Thank you guys I will use you guys again and again.

May 09,2010

i recently purchased an WoW account that is worth more than i expected, the support team helped me get the accuont name & Password, and the following other information the nest 24 hours. and it went smoothly. logged in and played the account and now im a proud user of a Val'anyr. Now my account is in the process to get me a full 264 gear, and while their not raiding at the same time i can play, very useful, when purchasing gear or an account i give Guy4Game.com 100% of my trust. thank you again, and looking forward to you guys in the future. =).

April 12,2010

I told all my friends about this site, very trustworthy, and they give u full refund when there is something wrong. In time, and they stay in live chat to help you, I get everything from this site, its just perfect, thank you for making out guy4game :D.

faisal kay**
February 23,2010

Before I bought an account, I was scared before I buy, because my first time buying from a site online, but they were trustworthy, on time, GUY4GAME IS THE BEST! number 1 recommended to buy accounts, full information for account send to me, cheap, and one of the best :D.

Faisal Kayed
January 17,2010

When i was going to purchase an account from guy4game i was abit warey' but then the customersupport was actuley awesome. they stayed on the line' for like 2Hours straight, Thanks to them it really assured me that i wasen't going to get scammed. what happend next? I didn't get scammed. I safely got given the account Name&Password in an email alongside the rest of the information within 24hours. its very secure, And at first i thought i don't like the hunter i purchased, so i asked if i could get an exchange / swap / trade. and they agree'd longs the account you've purchased is still in standing condition, they also asked if i would like to get a full refund or just exchange. they're very helpful & kind & do NOT cheat their' customers ive used these before for gold but this was my first account buying & im very happy. So once again guy4game. Thanks for you're proffessionalism' Connor..

Connor Bibb
December 31,2009

I was a little nervous using a service, but G4G was completely professional and the character is everything I wanted. Thanks for saving me the grinding time!.

December 04,2009

I bought a Hunter account a couple days ago around thanksgiving holiday. Everything they said that was on the account was on the account... they did not lie about anything. They have a very impressive operation. I will definitely be doing business with them again. Great service...

November 30,2009

I purchased my first account from you. I am very pleased with the transaction so far. I'm in the process of transfering the char to my server as I write this. I beleve if I were to buy gold I would purchase it from here. The account purchase was awesome. I could only guess that they would be great at buying gold as well. Two thumbs up from me. D.

November 26,2009

I have purchased 2 accounts from guy4game, the accounts where exactly as they showed on the site, Great staff. Also i have used the DIY service, items were send very quickly and the guide was accurate. I would tell anyone that asked that guy4game.com is the most reliable and safe site for this type of purchases. Great Customer Service, they hang right in there with you to make sure you are satisfied with the order and that everything works out for you..

Marc Lumsden
November 05,2009

r u the same jessie unruh that goes to Marengo High school?.

October 31,2009

I had a few problems getting my charicter but they were here for me and had every thing working in munites this is the only site i will ever use!.

jesse unruh
October 12,2009

I have bought 3 accounts from guy4game.com and they are always trustworthy and polite. I never have bad things to say about their services! A+++++++.

Nathan Crain
September 21,2009