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Your website is the greatest EVER!!! I'm telling all my friends about you guys! I had so many questions as i was scared about buying an account due to being ripped off. But your live help support stayed on the line with me for hours answering every question i possibly had and not once stopped being nice or help... Keep up the amazing work yall RULE!.

willie barnes
September 15,2009

I thank you for your service and I have already recommended you all to my friends who are seeking the type of same services. Once again you all have a great site and excellent customer service..

Sarah Hart
August 03,2009

I just wanted to drop a line to say that the entire exerience I had with my account purchase was excellent. The registration process was easy and quick, and then when I accessed the live chat to clarify an issue with my phone numbers, my questions and concerns were answered immediatly. Absolutely refreshing in the 'whatever' world we live in these days! Thank you so much..

Justin Hall
August 02,2009

Just like to say I was very happy with you acount service! Keep up the good work!.

john harrison
July 28,2009

Linda was very kind, curtious and patient with as it took me a few minutes to find my order Id. I have dealt with many people via live support and this was a top notch expeirence and she deserves big old pat on the back!! have a good 1 G4G staff..

pippy smith
July 03,2009

Thanks for the tremendous support and outstanding customer service. Will ensure to use again when needed..

Kito Harris
July 03,2009

this server has good service, i dealt with another website once and lost 30$ lol so i doubted it forawhile but i was reffered here,so i will put in a good name for ya guyz.

Thomas Denney
June 30,2009

Thank you very much, once again guys. I will be placing another order for runes and also for Goldpiece next week, so look forward to doing business with you again. I was little concerned with this as I could not get an update on it fow almost a week, but please pass on my thanks to your contact centre agents especially Ava - she was really excellent. The service Ava gave would keep me coming back to Guy4game time and time again. You are now my only 'trusted' supplier. Keep up the good work.

Jared Dickinson
June 30,2009

"Thanks! Just logged in and everything is great! You guys are fast and reliable, expect more busness from me soon! (probably need a druid and shaman leveled to 40..) Woot!".

Matthew cox
June 26,2009

"just letting you know how happy i was with the tailoring skill-up package!! It worked out so well i did all of it in an hour!!!! Great great product!! thanks! Adam".

Sergiu Cropenbaker
June 15,2009

my order is fulfilled and i just wanted to thank you for providing such a great and fast service.....thank you,i will tell all my friends and continue coming back!i've been to plenty of sites and you are by far the best.

paul Dicolo
June 12,2009

I know you are probably busy but I just wanted to pop in and say that Guy4Game is the best game site I have ever tried for every acounts I want. So, thanks. Please keep up the good work..

matt harney
June 06,2009

" Hi, Thank you very much for being considerate and response to my request, I believe this is the best situation, I thank you and all the representative that had been dealing with my situation, and I am sure I will be looking forward to purchase your services again. This is excellent customer service! =) Thanks.

Randy Dan
June 01,2009

Used you a while ago awesome service. Expecting plat in 15-30 minutes. Thanks alot for an awesome service you guys rock..

Bradley schroeder
June 01,2009

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the prompt delivery. I have purchased plat on several other sites and have almost always had one type of problem or another. Thank you! I will refer all my friends to your web site for future purchases. I would also like to mention that your guy in game was very polite and spooke with me in game before purchase to let me know that my order was coming which is a refreshing thing as usually no one speaks to you. This transaction had the feeling of very nice professionalism, again thank you!!!!!.

Yuvraj Dickens
May 30,2009

What a great service, you guys rock! I am totally convinced you have the best service I have ever seen! Thank you very much for your assistance. Please note that you have greatly out performed my expectations and you have gained another repeat customer!.

Derick dillon
May 26,2009

everything you do has been explained very clearly and you have given me very prompt and precise information. its a very nice feeling when people treat you well.

Laurie Haque
May 24,2009

I want compliment Guy4Game on the work that was done for the Paladin my wife received. The character was well organized and the token's were placed for her to select the armor pieces, and neck piece she wanted. I don't know how Guy4Game runs its leveling business, nor do I want to know, but if same person or a small group of same people did the work for this character, then they deserve a reward. I would be willing to purchase a generic leveling service for some amount to cover the expense of a nice dinner for the individual or group of individuals that completed the work. I reward my own employees when they do well, and would like to do the same when Guy4Game really does a good job for me, like the one done for the Paladin . Speak to your manager, or owner, and if Guy4Game wants to agree to my offer, please advise me as to the number of people responsible, and what amount of money would be a suitable reward where they live..

Michael Hamilton
May 22,2009

i just wanted to let you guys know that i couldn't possibly be happier with the service your provided.I don't even know what it is that I will be purchasing, but you can count on me placing another order sometime in the near future,just wanted to let you know that.Thanks.

Mill Clon
May 16,2009

You guys rock.. You have definately proved yourself to me and all my future business will be directed to you all. Thanks a bunch, and if you ever need need anything.. Or help in WoW or SWG.. Im always available..

matthew Hanna
April 16,2009