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Knights of the Ebon Blade(WotLK Classic)

  • 1-3 days.
  • Lvl 80 Character.

  • Make sure the Add Friend function is open.

Service Details

  • We will start to power leveling your order as soon as possible within 12 hours after it is approved.

WOW Reputation Powerleveling Estimated Time

Current Reputation Level Desired Reputation Level Estimated Time (hours)
Netural Friendly 5
Friendly/0+ Friendly/3000+ 5
Friendly/3000+ Honored 5
Honored/0+ Honored/3000+ 5
Honored/3000+ Honored/6000+ 5
Honored/6000+ Honored/9000+ 5
Honored/9000+ Revered 5
Revered/0+ Revered/3000+ 5
Revered/3000+ Revered/6000+ 5
Revered/6000+ Revered/9000+ 5
Revered/9000+ Revered/12000+ 5
Revered/12000+ Revered/15000+ 5
Revered/15000+ Revered/18000+ 5
Revered/18000+ Exalted 5


Current_Reputation points
Desired_Reputation points
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