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Allied Race Unlocked

  • 1-3 weeks
  • Your character's level should be 120.

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Service Details

You will get an Allied race unlocked for your account.

Each Allied race comes with it's own unique mount that will be available for all of your characters.

You can also get an amazing heritage armor set if you level an alied race from 20 to 110 without instant upgrades.

Each Allied race will take up to 1-2 weeks to become unlocked, heritage armor set unlock will take 7 additional days.

100% Manual Power Leveling.

Options and Rewards:

  • (1) Dark Iron Dwarves - Exalted with The 7th Legion + Dark Iron Core Hound.
  • (2) Mag'har Orc - Exalted with?The Honorbound + Mag'har Direwolf.
  • (3) Void Elf - Exalted with Argussian Reach + Starcursed Voidstrider.
  • (4) Nightborne - Exalted with The Nightfallen + Nightborne Manasaber.
  • (5) Lightforged Draenei - Army of the Light Exalted + Lightforged Felcrusher.
  • (6) Highmountain Tauren - Highmountain Exalted + Highmountain Thunderhoof.
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