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Champion Gear Bag(Unique) 1

  • Estimated Exp: 80k.
  • Estimated Credits: 8k .
  • Estimated Valor point: 4k.
  • Estimated Time: 12 Hours.
  • Requires character level 50.
  • The population of your server is sufficient for Warzone participation.
  • Supported by our best professional players.
  • Accomplished by our highly experienced and skilled staff, playing your character by hand.
  • Your order will be started within one hour after placing order.
  • Notice! IP Difference: The IP address we are using is different from yours. For the purpose of protecting your accounts, Swtor's system will automatically require you to answer your account security question. We cannot log into your account unless we enter the right answer. Please provide us with the right answer, the security of your personal information will, of course, be guaranteed.


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