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Maple Story 2Maple Story 2
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10M Mesos $ 7.99
20M Mesos $ 14.99
30M Mesos $ 21.99
40M Mesos $ 28.99
50M Mesos $ 34.99
60M Mesos $ 41.99
70M Mesos $ 48.99
80M Mesos $ 55.99
90M Mesos $ 62.99
100M Mesos $ 69.99
150M Mesos $ 103.99
200M Mesos $ 138.99
300M Mesos $ 206.99
400M Mesos $ 274.99
500M Mesos $ 342.99
600M Mesos $ 410.99
700M Mesos $ 478.99
800M Mesos $ 545.99
900M Mesos $ 612.99
1000M Mesos $ 678.99



Be care of the in game SCAMMERS!!!

1. Recently, a lot of SCAMMERS appeared in game. They pretend to be the delivery guy who just delivered Mesos to you. They ask you to give the Mesos back while promising to return it to you again soon. Please remember that Guy4game will NEVER ask you to give back the delivered Mesos for any reason under any circumstances. Do not give away your currency to someone claiming to be Guy4game.

2. Live Chat and direct email are currently the only ways to represent Guy4Game directly. Please also understand that for the security of your account. Mesos is delivered directly from our suppliers. For this reason please do not communicated directly with anyone claiming to make a delivery that requests you to confirm information, give them Mesos, return Mesos, buy from them directly, or go to a different website. These are not employees of our website directly and your cooperation in this matter will continue to protect your account.

You can report the act to us, and they will be punished for the violation of the rules. Thank you for your attention and care in this matter.

Kindly Reminder

Please double check the character information entered is correct before you submit the order.

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So far it’s been great and if need I will use y’all again.
Jacob Bottoms
February 18,2024
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