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Wicked Edge of the Planes, Reborn (Alliance)   502 $26.99
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Stormherald, Reborn (Alliance)   502 $26.99
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Dragonstrike, Reborn (Alliance)   502 $26.99
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Bloodmoon, Reborn (Alliance)   502 $26.99
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Blazefury, Reborn (Alliance)   502 $26.99
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Lionheart Executioner, Reborn (Alliance)   502 $26.99
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Mooncleaver, Reborn (Alliance)   476 $20.39 Buy Now
Deep Thunder, Reborn (Alliance)   476 $20.39 Buy Now
Dragonmaw, Reborn (Alliance)   476 $20.09 Buy Now
Lionheart Champion, Reborn (Alliance)   476 $19.99 Buy Now
The Gloaming Blade (Alliance)   476 $19.79 Buy Now
Black Planar Edge, Reborn (Alliance)   476 $19.69 Buy Now
Krol Scimitar (Alliance)   476 $18.89 Buy Now
Blazeguard, Reborn (Alliance)   476 $18.29 Buy Now
Sulfuron Hammer (Alliance)   67 $32.09 Buy Now
Lunar Crescent, Reborn (Alliance)   463 $12.69 Buy Now
The Planar Edge, Reborn (Alliance)   463 $12.29 Buy Now
Lionheart Blade, Reborn (Alliance)   463 $12.19 Buy Now
Fireguard, Reborn (Alliance)   463 $12.09 Buy Now
Thunder, Reborn (Alliance)   463 $11.79 Buy Now
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Love this site! have used it multiple times for Gold and i always get it fast and the carriers are always polite. tons of things to select from. keep it up
david Martin
August 12,2013
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