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Play with our team to loot gear from Heroic & Mythic HFC, Item Level Boost To 730

A new kind of Powerleveling service is live now! You can login your account and play with our team to loot gear from Hellfire Citadel of Heroic & Mythic Mode. By going through the whole Hellfire Citadel, you can use Seal of Inevitable Fate, and it takes about 3-4 hours to finish the raid. And gain mounts, achievement, T18 suit, gear and so on.


Heroic T18 4 Pieces Set (Itemlevel 710) (Self-Play) $219

Ilv715+ Package (All PVE Pieces including 4/5 T18 set) $399

Ilv730+ Package (All PVE Pieces including 4/5 T18 set) $1100

For raid schedule, click WoW Raid Plan

Our Guarantee

100% Profession

Professional 10-Man & 25-Man WOW RAID Team guarantees the WOW Gear you are dreaming of.

100% Satisfaction

At Guy4game, you can get the newest and the most comprehensive Legendary and Epic Gears. Lowest price and best service guaranteed.

100% Secure

Professional leveler, local IP address. Hand-made leveling by doing quests, no use of Bot or Exploitation.

100% Money Back

You can end your order any time and we will refund the unfinished part. We promise to refund any dissent part after verification when gear is finished.

Why choose us buy wow gear

Since 2009, when we at Guy4game first started our WOW Gear service, we have helped more than 10,000 players realize their WOW dreams. Professional, efficient and putting our customers first are Guy4game's priorities. We are striving to be the best! For you! We not only will complete your order, but will also gather as much bonus during the raid as we can. Customer satisfaction rate: >99.6%.

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Kindly Reminder

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained.

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