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Guy4Game Staff are the best, trust me. Very nice to deal with them and they are secure, i really recommend their sevices. Trustable, no scam as other website that i've buyed..

Mr Aragon Braz
March 28,2013

I used guy4game.com to buy gold for my game L2, they say that they will have the money to you within 24 hrs. Does that suppose to mean all the money that they owe you or what they want to give to you and the rest when they feel like it? So far i have paid for the 200mil plus the 10mil bounus, i have gotten the 200mil, but still havent gotten my 10 mil that i am still owed.But I would recomment this place. They will work with you on the problem or give you any type of compensation that is worth anything. I would recommend this place to anyone..

snake S
January 09,2010

Thank u very much yes i am very happy with ur service with the game i am glad u were able to finsh the delivery so fast and i will most deff come back when i can to have u help me with it agien if i need help...u have a good day =).

Dillon Cummings
July 30,2009

your company just re-earned my business isitor: I will make sure to tell everyone about your company. Best support so far Visitor: I look forward to doing more business with you! (here and L2).

matthew DeFoor
July 16,2009

I just want to say thanks for the great job you've done. I will definitely be using your service again!.

David Delisle
June 05,2009

Thank you so much. Your service was a lot faster than I thought it would be and I even liked the way my buttons were changed. If I need your services again, I would not hesitate to use your company again..

matthew DeFoor
June 02,2009

that i very freat of you , i apreciate you time and quick response i will mnost truly be a long and lasting customer and i will recomend u to everyone i am very impressed with this answer you made my day =) let me start up a new account and send you the information.

Maxwell Day
May 26,2009

i want just to say you one BIG, BIG thank you. For fast delivery, for kindly suport, for everything ... will use you again ).wish you many luck guys.

Juan Carlos dade
May 16,2009

Thank you so much. I would just like to pass on my thanks to the rest of the team there. Your customer service regarding this mistake that was obviously an error on my part was of the highest quality, and the whole team should be proud. Please pass on my thanks to the whole team. Thanks again.

tim Deffes
May 02,2009

Thank you very much. I am very satisfied with your service. You guys are amazing. If you wish to use me as a reference to your honesty and great service, please do so..

Mike Deblanc
April 19,2009

Made a purchase today and was very impressed with the support and feedback via the online live chat and phone call. I will highly recommend your service to any who might be in the market for it! Great job and I look forward to the fast and prompt service again!.

Shannon Seals
January 31,2009

I wrote you for to say that I am very satisfied of your services andyou are very rapidly and I like this I received my money under 30minutes. Continue this mean..

Jacek David
January 04,2009

this is hands down some of the best customer server i have ever recived,I am will recomend you to anyone who need online cash.

Jeffrey daponde
November 30,2008

Just wanted to let ya guys know that you did a fantastic job!.

Seth ryan
October 23,2008

again you guys are the best adeena supply on the net.

Darcy Darby
March 17,2008

This site has probably the most resonable prices I have seen so far.??You (Guy4Game) are doing a great job!.

Martin shafi
November 04,2007
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