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Excellent service. I had the gil in less than 20 mins after purchase. Thanks!.

April 14,2011

Received gil promptly, very satisfied...

April 10,2011

Recieved gold promptly, an excellant transaction.....

April 10,2011

I bought some gil from here and within 24 hours customer contacted me and it was delivered. I would recommend them to anyone..

March 15,2011

Yea got it very quickly thank you.

December 26,2010

If you think that all MMORPG currency and/or item sellers are fake to rake in your money, then you shouldn't underestimate Guy4Game. I'm a Final Fantasy XI player on the Carbuncle server and was recommended by my friend who had purchased some Gil from Guy4Game before. I compared Guy4Game to other sites by reviews and votes and Guy4Game is the top dog for me. I really appreciated the fast, reliable service they've provided me with. I payed through a friend who had worries about these sort of sites since he'd been recently scammed £24.85 by a dodgy MMORPG site, but directing him to what i've been researching on he was really pleased to hear the reliability of Guy4Game. I'd recommend this to anyone, even my Grandma! I want to thank you again Guy4Game for the big amount you've given me for such a small amount of money..

Joe Smith
October 16,2010

They were extremely courteous and professional I highly recommend them when it comes to currency..

September 16,2010

By far the cheapest and fastest gold supplier on the internet. Im not being paid by them and im fairly lazy, yet i bothered to write just how good they are. After getting messed around by 4 different websites, some taking a month to delver such small amounts of gold. I came here, bought 30 gold, the next day i got it. So pleased with the service thank you..

Adam Taylor
August 11,2010

Guy4game has become the cheapest seller for FFXI lately, and they've proven themselves to me over and over they're reliable. They may take up to four days to deliver to you, but their customer service is the best. They'll even call you when your order is ready. All you do is go into help chat when it's ready, provide your order number, and they'll tell you meet them in game within a few minutes. They now trade face to face for more security. They'll also do custom orders, like allowing you to receive your gil in batches instead of all at once if you are worried about your security. I am a previous customer of Mogs, and after paying their ridiculous prices for years and receiving no loyalty benefits, I am happy to have moves here. I have also tried epictoon, but their prices tend to be more and their customer service not as great. Guy4game offers coupons and discounts, and customer service is happy to talk to you about them. Try these guys!.

June 28,2010

I always received my gil in security. Yet sometime its kinda long. If you want to got your gils, just don't be in a rush. Rare that they can deliver in the same day, mainly because they cant keep large amount of gils bc of the banning system. Im happy too that Guy4Games don't do publicity in game like certain *cough*Brogame* Cough* lol... otherwise i support Gils buying because we all know that final fantasy XI is a hard game on currency and many have a life...Still try to make some for yourself ... Byebye.

robin tardif
December 10,2009

Deliver was prompt and everything went smooth.

Ian Green
July 30,2009

Cool Thank you one again you guys have provided a fast eficient painless service ty verry much to all ure team and i look forward to future busness hope you all hava gr8 day and happy tradeing.

william Griggs
June 09,2009

i am very pleased with the work you guys did, thanks and i may order again rom you real soon.

timothy timothy
June 08,2009

hi! Just thought I'd give my feedback on my Rmage...wanted to thank you guys big time! Speedy and well taken care of! Thanks! I will definetly come back to you guys again.

Michael Grishin
May 28,2009

This is definatley a service ill be using again, i'm really happy right now, it was reasonably priced and a great amount of time =)ill definatley be using it again like I said. Have a great day..

Robin Grooms
March 20,2009

can't tell you and your fantastic staff have always far surpassed any expectations I have had. Prompt service, support staff and wonderful individuals that have made game play even more fun. Thank you very much again for all you do, it goes appreciated! Happy holidays to you and your excellent staff..

vin Greer
March 16,2009

Thank you very much. You are the best service I have ever used and will recommend your site to all of my friends and continue to use the service..

Michaelyn groce
January 26,2009

Guy4Game, Wow! Thats all I can say. This has been by far the best service I have used to date. Since the first time I tried your Gil purchasing service I have been impressed. I decided to give the powerleveling service a shot and just as i had hoped, I found the same great quality and efficiency in that. Great job guys! Thanks.

Jon Greenwood
January 23,2009

Great service again guys, thanks so much for a job well done!.

Liviu Risner
October 03,2008

It took about 10 min from the time I placed the order until I got a tell in game(ffxi). Person on the other end was very polite and was fluent in english and was easy to communicate with unlike some others I've dealt with at other services..

Gabe Graves Jr
July 31,2008