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The Skybreaker Part 1

The Skybreaker is the flying fortress at Icecrown. He is Patrolling between Mordrethar and Aldurthar.All the quests for quest line The Skybreaker Part I should be processed around Mordrethar at south of Icecrown.

1The Skybreaker

Turn in quest 1 will trigger 'Exploiting an Opening", the beginning of the quest line Arthas. Quest Line Arthas is the most fun part of this expansion. If you want to experience the story at the first place, you can jump to quest line Arthas, then come back to do quest line the Skybreaker.

2I'm Not Dead Yet!

You should have accepted this quest at Blackwatch but have' turn it in yet. Turn it in now and accept 3/6/7/9/11

3Joining the Assault

Turn it in and accept 4/5

4Assault by Air
5Assault by Ground
6Blood of the Chosen

Turn in 4/5, don't turn in 6, complete 7 first.

7Get to Ymirheim!
8King of the Mountain

PVP involved.

9Slaves to Saronite

Accept 10 while doing 9. Don't turn in 9, finish 10 first.

10Mind Tricks

This is a team quest requires Three players. You can try solo.

11The Broken Front
12Finish Me!

Turn in 6/9/12 and accept 13/14/15.

13No Mercy!

PVP quest, optional.

14...All the Help We Can Get.
15Your Attention, Please

Turn in 14/15 and accept 16/17

16Poke and Prod
17Borrowed Technology

Turn in 16/17 and accept 18/19.

18That's Abominable!
19Against the Giants

This is a Three-Person-Quest.Turn in 18 and accept "Killohertz" and "Sneak Preview".

20Basic Chemistry

This is a Five-Person-Quest. Optional.

21Coprous the Defiled

This is a Five-Person-Quest. Need Tank and Healer. Optional.