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Rise of Suffering

Vereth the Cunning in Rise of Suffering is watching over the movement of the scourge nearby.

1Vereth the Cunning(53,71)
2New Recruit(55,71)
3The Vile Hold(56,79)

Quest all requires the control of Lithe Stalker who is better at jumping than Spider Man. Turn in 3 and accept 4.5.6

4Generosity Abounds(57,73)
6Stunning View(59,76)

Turn in 4.5.6 and accept 7.8.9.All of them are 5-person-team quests, which are not difficult to finish and optional

7The Rider of the Unholy(56,79)
8The Rider of Frost(61,68)
9The Rider of Blood(59,71)

Turn in 7.8.9 and accept 10.

10The Fate of Bloodbane(54,85)

5-person-team quest, difficult,optional.
You can skip those 5-person-team quests, flying to Crusaders' Pinnacle to accept quest The Skybreaker and then fly to The Skybreaker.

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