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The Bone Witch

The Bone Witch

You can find " The Bone Witch "in Hotunheim. She will give you most of the quests of " Jotunheim ". The last step of the quest line is the " Battle at Valhalas "quest series.

1The Bone Witch(32,42)

Turn in 1 and then accept 2

2Reading the Bones(34,28)

When completed quest 2, you can get "Vrykul Bone"and use it to exchange buff items with the Bone Witch.Turn in quest 2 and then accept 4.Go into the Underhalls, you can accept quest 3 from Bethod Feigr.

3Revenge for the Vargul(33,37)

Turn in quest 3 and then do quest 4.

4Deep in the Bowels of The Underhalls(32,32)

Apprentice Osterkilgr, mob of quest 3, will drop a book called "Dr.Terrible", which will activate quest 5

5The Sum is Greater than the Parts(34,34)

Turn in 4.5, and then accept 6

6The Art of Being a Water Terror(31,41)
7Through the Eye(24,60)
8Find the Ancient Hero(28,46)
9Not-So-Honorable Combat(28,52)

5-person-team quest, two players could try to do it. This is an optional quest.

10Banshee's Revenge(17,56)

5-person-team quest, optional

11Battle at Valhalas(30,29)

The following 6 quests are 5-person-team quest,, which is optional

12Battle at Valhalas: Fallen Heroes(31,30)
13Battle at Valhalas: Khit'rix the Dark Master(31,30)
14Battle at Valhalas: The Return of Sigrid Iceborn(31,30)
15Battle at Valhalas: Carnage!(31,30)
16Battle at Valhalas: Thane Deathblow(31,30)
17Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge(31,30)

You can skip these 5-person-team quests, just go to the next stop Death's Rise.