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WotLK(Alliance) 70-80 Leveling Guide for Death Knight

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The Shadow Vault

The Shadow Vault will be built up step by step along with the completing of the quests. This is an example of Knights of the Ebon Blade that carry out infiltration successfully behind the enemy lines.

1It's All Fun and Games (44,22)
2 I Have an Idea, But First... (43,24)
3Free Your Mind(44,27)

Note: 3 is one of the two quests to trigger "Orgrim's Hammer" to begin quest line Arthas.

4If He Cannot Be Turned(circle)
5The Shadow Vault(42,24)

Only at this time the Inn and flight maters are showing up.Turn in 5 and accept 6.7.

6The Duke(44,20)

Turn in 6 and accept 7.13

7Parting Gifts(44,24)

Turn in 7 and accept 8.9.10

8From Whence They Came(39,37)
9An Undead's Best Friend(39,37)
10Honor is for the Weak(39,37)

Turn in 8.9.10 and accept 11.12.14. You can also accept quest "blackwatch". Leave it till later.

11Seeds of Chaos(39,37)
12Amidst the Confusion(38,39)

Turn in 11.12 do quest 13.14

13Honor Challenge(37,23)
14Eliminate the Competition(37,22)

Turn in 13.14accept 15

15Shadow Vault Decree(39,24)

While doing quest 15 you can accept quest 16.

16Get the Key(37,23)
17Let the Baron Know(42,24)

Turn in 15.17accept 18

18Vaelen Has Returned(43,21)

Turn in 18accept do them together

19Leave Our Mark(34,28)
20Crush Dem Vrykuls!(34,28)
21Vandalizing Jotunheim(34,28)
22Ebon Blade Prisoners(34,28)

While doing,19,20,21,22, you can first do "The Bone Witch", they are all in the same area.Can also accept quest "To the Rise with all Due Haste!"and "Vereth the Cunning".The quest asks you to go to "Death's Rise" and "Rise of Sufferings",keep them do not do them yet.

23Vile Like Fire!(27,38)
24Shoot 'Em Up(28,33)